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Your Sales Formula for More Sales in your Business

Do you know how many leads you need to get for your business to be “successful” throughout the year? No? Yikes! I can kind of understand that flying blind can be a thrill, but if you’re in business for yourself, you need to set some goals. Without having goals your are far more likely to losing momentum without even knowing or when it’s too late. This 3-part sales formula will help!

Because the whole, Crash & Boom — We don’t want any of that, right?

The included video will also help you to find out the details of this sales formula to figure how many exposures and traffic your business will need to reach your business goals.

You’ll be far more likely to experience clear skies and better weather ahead for your business.

Please note: This formula can be adapted to meet the goals you set for yourself. For example, the number of exposures mentioned in this video are ideal for those building a part-time business. In the event you are looking for that full-time income you will want to adjust your activities to serve those goals.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like help setting those goals, targets and projections.

3-Part Sales Formula to Exponentially Grow your Business

Let’s talk about ‘niche content‘. What is your niche or area of expertise? Remember, you want to find creative ways to position yourself as an authority in this space. And, you want to do so without giving away the whole cookie up front! Explore what topics related to your product or service fit into your niche and go at it. Keeping in alignment of what you are ‘selling’ is super important because it’s that content that your audience will want to apply, share or inquire about.

Your focus is important here — don’t sell your business short!

Now, keep the conversation going! You should be reaching out to new people every single day. You should really consider that this portion of the sales formula to be non-negotiable. Without people, you can’t acquire customers, clients or otherwise — so exposure is key!

Ask yourself this; how many people have I connected with in the last 30 days? Then, ask yourself how many sales or clients you’ve on-boarded in that same time frame. This is typically a great indicator of how many new contacts you need before a sale occurs.

And, this will tie into the third part of the sales formula. Conversations are the base of part 2 and exposing your product, service or opportunity are part 3.

In this video I encourage a minimum of 10 exposures a month. This is super modest and designed for the part-time business owner.

Goals of full-time in mind? 10X that exposure number — go ALL IN!

Bottom line is that people need/want what you have. Truth is, they will find it from someone so why not you? Well, unless you’ve connected, established some trust and the basis of a relationship it won’t be you. I want to see you change that.

Are you ready to commit to this sales formula? Let me know — love to help support you!


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