6 Secrets to 6 Figures in Network Marketing

6 Secrets to 6 Figures in Network Marketing

We are asked often; what do you have to do to earn 6 figures in this business?. And, the answer believe it or not, is quite simple. It will take work and it is going to pose a number of challenges. The answer however remains that if you want it you will achieve it. Please know that we are speaking from a place of personal experience and seeing first hand what is possible.

So whether you are in seeking a 6 figure income in; network marketing, direct sales, party planning and so on, these 6 secrets will help you get there. Our goal has always been to shorten the learning curve of others especially, on social media.

Have you ever walked up to a leader and top-earner at an event and just asked them how they did it?

We used to always ask the leaders that question and without fail, they always answer along the same lines of, ‘Just focus and keep showing up, stay consistent and follow the plan’.

Here is likely where your frustration is.

They tell you that they are doing the exact same thing you, But they are building a 6 figure even 7 figure business while you are still struggling.

Ever felt that way?

Well guess what? The good news is that the following ‘6 Secrets to 6 Figures’ we’re about to share with you aren’t really secrets. However, most people won’t stay the course. That is the real determining factor to why we don’t see more 6 figure earners and leaders in our profession.

So, if you are ready to not be ‘most people’, this is the post for you.

6 Secrets to 6 Figures in Network Marketing

One of the first couple things we ask our coaching clients are;

  1. How much time are you willing to invest into your business?
  2. How much are you willing to invest into your business (including events, training, etc.)

We ask this because often in our profession people are working their full-time job 40 hours per week, and may or may not be earning 6 figures annually. So, when they want to build a 6 figure business and tell us they are prepared to commit 10 hours a week …

… well you get the point, right?

This does not mean that once you are a well-oiled machine that you can’t shift your hours to less a week (if you wanted), but achieving 6 figures with that minimal amount of time … we want to be realistic and truth is you may get there one day … 10 or 15 years of consistency perhaps.

And, if you are not willing in some way to invest into your business be it coaching/mentorship, events, training, courses, etc. Then, you will undergo your own learning curves. And there’s nothing wrong with that but we do believe that to get where someone is that you want to be, we have to do the things those people did.

Make sense?

Let’s get started.

#1 Secret to 6 Figures is …

Always lead with value. Your audience is not attracted to sales and sales pitches. In fact, they are often repelled by this type of marketing. What they do want to see however are things like;

  1. What you can teach them
  2. How they can learn from you
  3. A cool demo
  4. Motivation experience

They want to be empowered and/or entertained. Do yourself a favor and create an ongoing list of the things you’ve learned each day. Whether it be a new trick you learned with your curling iron or a great quote from the book you’re reading – Write it down. By making this a habit in your daily routine you will find you will create a monster list of ideas that you can post about or make a video about.

Chances are if you were empowered, inspired or entertained by it your audience will be too.

#2 Secret to 6 Figures is …

Commit to bettering yourself. Ever heard the saying that ‘leaders are readers‘? Well, this may take shape in books, audios, seminars, webinars, etc. but the bottom line they are always learning. Leaders and top earners in our profession are always feeding their minds with goodies.

Be it learning a new skill or straight personal development, this is a constant in their lives. Additionally, take that learning to another level. Apply it to your life. So many people in our community talk about great books they’ve read but there is minimal follow through.

Connect with people consuming the same content – talk about it. Share it with your audience and encourage them to open a conversation with you about it. Whatever your medium, feed your brain.

#3 Secret to 6 Figures is …

Create a Daily Method of Operation (DMO). Always have a plan of action. Create a system that you can commit to following every day. As much as we love ambition, keep these operations realistic for you. Sure, you can expand on them as time goes on or days you have more time but never waiver from your original DMO.

This will help you keep focused on tasks at hand and keep you accountable.

Your DMO should include income producing activities such as;

  1. reaching out to new people
  2. following up with prospects
  3. personal development
  4. content creation and execution
  5. engaging on your audience’s posts
  6. posting in a (your) Facebook group(s)

… and more. Find which activities produce the most return for you. Adjust your DMO as you become more comfortable with them. This doesn’t mean the activity changes you just may be able to allot more time to some areas more than others.

#4 Secret to 6 Figures is …

Consistently Feeding the Funnel. Never, ever stop connecting with new people. Whether your niche is on or offline this should be a constant. Even when you attain 6 figures, this activity should never stop. Now, to be more specific to online or attraction marketing techniques we always encourage that you connect with at least 5 new people a day.

Perhaps you strike up a conversation in a Facebook Group or on a Page of Influence. Or, maybe you found each other through a Facebook Live you did or on something you posted. Wherever there are people, there are people to connect with.

Keep your friends list fresh. A great took is to watch the birthday section of Facebook. There is a two-fold plus to this;

  1. Gives you a great opportunity to open up a quick, personable dialogue or,
  2. Shows you who hasn’t been active in 6+ months on Facebook (why are they on your list?)

For whatever reason Facebook limits us to 5,000 friends. Keeping your list fresh is super important and, will help keep your feed filled with content you want to see.

#5 Secret to 6 Figures is …

Be the Leader. Not the leader of a massive business yet? No problem because you should still find yourself in that role. Be the leader that others want to ‘follow’ or be around. By following the above mentioned steps you are already well on your way, right?

Posture is everything in our profession. Whether it be with prospecting, inviting, connecting, teaching, recruiting, etc. Posture matters. This confidence is attractive to those who like you, want a home based business. Or, suddenly your products or offering becomes a whole lot more appealing.

Leadership is a huge component to having a stable 6 figure income business. It is never too early to start mastering this skill.

#6 Secret to 6 Figures is …

Attending Events. Let’s address this in a little more detail. Without question, you should be at your company sponsored events. Local regional events and your annual conventions should always be on the calendar. And, the more of your team you can have with you there will help explode your business.

In addition to your company events it is highly recommend you attend industry events as well. Maybe it’s Eric Worre’s Go Pro or Most Powerful Women in Network marketing event or the Annual Convention done by ANMP. There are massive benefits to these events.

  1. Learn from others in the profession
  2. Connect with leaders from across the country
  3. Hear from top professional in the industry
  4. Rub elbows with the best of the best

These events are jam packed with information. Not to mention what you will learn there but you also have the ability to return and share with your team. It is invaluable to learn from other leaders and in our opinion these events shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Overall, we hope these 6 Secrets to 6 Figures were helpful. And, we apologize if you were waiting for that secret no one had told you about yet — consistency is key. Get your mind right, your vision and focus strong and get to work. You deserve this. We would love your feedback in the comments and if this was of value please share with those who need this message too!

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6 Secrets to 6 Figures