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8 Instagram Reels Ideas you can do Today

Are you in need of some Instagram reels ideas? If so, you’re in the right place. Today I’m sharing 8 suggestions of topics you can use on your reels.

We continue to see the powerful reach reels are bringing to small businesses, network marketers, entrepreneurs, digital marketers — and everyone in between. We have seen some of our clients grow their accounts with QUALITY prospects into the thousands in a brief time.

Brainstorming original content ideas can be challenging (I get it!), so I’m confident you’ll find this list helpful. Not to mention, I’m optimistic it will also help simplify the process for you.

Even if you’re trying Instagram reels out, it’s essential to have some good content ideas and a clear goal in mind.

Whether that’s;

  1. reaching a wider audience,
  2. giving back to your engaged community or,
  3. showcasing your products to your followers.


8 Instagram Reels Ideas


Introduce Yourself


Take a moment and introduce yourself. Keep it simple, share a bit of who you are — age, location, etc. You can also talk about your business and tell people when you started. This way, you’ll attract new people, improve your brand authority, and build more trust. So, please take a short video, consider adding captions, and share it on reels.

Tell a Short Story


A great way to have your audience engage with your reels is to tell them a story about your brand. It can be a story about a tough time you overcame or the time you started to build your business on Instagram and how you tackled all the self-doubt. If you also want to influence people, share a story about something special you have done. This is one of the Instagram reels ideas that can be done time and time again. Each one leaves a new little lesson, and your audience learns more about you!

Packing up Samples, Thank you’s or Orders.


One of the most interesting Instagram reels ideas that work for small businesses is sharing the process of packing orders. Perhaps it’s a thank you card (gift) to your loyal customers or, maybe you run a sample type program — people LOVE this stuff. To make this one more exciting, add some softer music, be excited and consider including a CTA on how they too can get these things delivered to them.



This was always a massive hit with Live Videos and is considered a GREAT addition to Instagram reels ideas. Feel free to mix it up with random Amazon orders you may have made, a new clothing boutique and, of course, your products. Use the reels ability to speed it up too so that you can keep the unboxing into 15-30 seconds if possible. Quick little sneak peeks — perfect for generating curiosity.

Instagram reels ideas

Hop on a Trend


Being on Instagram as a network marketer doesn’t require you to always ‘be’ as a professional marketer. Instead, you have to show people that you are honest and, just like others, enjoy challenges and trends. So, to get more visibility, follow the movement, and participate in trending challenges. This can also include trending audios, dance challenges, etc. This is a great place to demonstrate your personality!

Answer one of your FAQ’s


As you probably already know … I’m a HUGE fan of user-generated content. Chances are, over your network marketing career, you’ve had dozens of questions asked of you. Be it about your products, business, team culture or otherwise, right? PERFECT! Head into that question bank and grab answers as part of your Instagram reels ideas. You could even take it a step further (with permission) and tag the person who asked you (which also ties into the following concept I have for you).

Share a Testimonial


I’m sure you’ve got many great things to say about your products or services but for this one — see about including one from a customer or team member. Perhaps it’s a screenshot of an email or DM or even a before and after. Testimonials always make for great content for various reasons, so don’t sell them short on Instagram reels either!

Repurpose your Posts or Stories


The last of my Instagram reels ideas for you today is to use reels as a way to repurpose other content you’ve created. So please have a look at the other content you’ve done (on or off Instagram even) and find a way to add it to a new reel. Read a post you originally wrote, share a sped-up ‘how-to’ video, create an almost flip-book-like feel to a series of images — you’ve already got some great content out there; don’t shy away from repurposing it on Instagram.

Instagram reels ideas

Overall, I hope you’ve found these 8 Instagram reels ideas valuable, and I’m excited to see you add them to your content strategy. Feel free to drop your Instagram handle below, and let’s connect there if we’re not already.

I appreciate you for being here. Remember, share this with your teams and others in our incredible network marketing industry who you know will benefit from using social media the RIGHT way.

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