Missing Accountability in your Network Marketing Business?

We spend so much time and money working on and in our businesses, developing skill sets, recruiting people for  teams, helping them learn the ropes and so forth. Although, we usually leave out the most important piece of success — accountability.

Ever notice how quickly we are to check on a team member or sponsor who said they would do something, to see if they had done it? And yet, when it comes to ourselves we easily ‘table things’ for later (aka procrastinate).

Why? Because we buy our own excuses of course! But guess what …

… you need some accountability of your own.

No one Mentioned Accountability when you Signed up!

This statement is true for most people. And, although such a critical component it is one that is often left out in the cold. First and foremost, what does accountability even mean?

‘The quality or state of being accountable; especially: an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions’

So, here is what we know;

  1. It can be incredibly difficult to hold yourself accountable
  2. You need accountability to succeed

The latter almost contradicts the first, but the good news is there are answers. Some people find great success in having accountability partners. Now, there is some downfall to this especially when the ‘partner’ is someone you know like a friend or family member. Sure they have the greatest intentions for you however, they aren’t always the first people who will call you out on your excuses. Ever notice they can even be the first ones to give you a pass?

If you were being held accountable at your job, putting in the same effort on your business — what would happen?

Somehow we think network marketing is different from a corporate job or traditional business.

How many days can you not show up at work before it has consequences?

We are conditioned to believe that ‘lazy’ behavior has consequences.

Then we join our network marketing company and believe something so different.

You can tell your upline that things are going well, when they may actually be going the opposite way.

  • You can skip prospecting for 3 days
  • Avoid answering when your upline calls
  • Fail to show up to trainings

And it will not have any consequences, won’t have any success either though.

However, imagine what could happen for your business if you put in the same effort (or more) that you do elsewhere. And sure, you probably had great intentions you even have goals mapped out every month but you fall short. Network marketing is one of those industries that although you may have paid a nominal fee to get started it never quite feels like a loss. Companies are designed in such a way that the starter packs come with so many products, etc. So much so that you are left feeling like you ‘got your monies worth’ so working hard to ‘earn’ it back doesn’t feel as urgent to everyone.

The Right Accountability can Sky Rocket your Business

We have touched a bit on accountability partners and next we want to suggest the power behind a coach/mentor and accountability groups. We have found in our group program(s) that people are far more likely to complete certain tasks or complete ‘assignments’ because others are doing them too. There is something powerful about being able to tap into a group of ‘strangers’.

Strangers, in different companies, with similar goals. 

Not only do our members have access to different ideas, suggestions and feedback in real time — but they have others that they can lean on when they need that extra push or friendly reminder.

As a point of reference, our members have access to more than a thousand other ‘go-getters’.  Go-getters who help them stay on track and play a small piece in their accountability. You see, as coaches or trainers, we can give you all the tools in the world, right? But it is up to you to use them. So when you see others going through different training on building their businesses on social media for example, it is that silent accountability that pushes others to get it done.

We call this community our Social Impacter Society

Many of you, may already be part of our Facebook Community called ‘Social Impacters’. We created this free community to help teach network marketers the right way to building a business online. Our Social Impacter Society however was designed for the less than casual network marketing professional. We deliver exclusive trainings, resources and dive into each person’s needs much deeper.

And, we knew we couldn’t do it all alone so it is not uncommon to have elite leaders in the profession join us on private trainings, etc.

Typically, this program is only open for application a couple times a year. And, the rest of the time we have our waiting list only.

But, we have started to notice some changes in our profession.

A real shift has been occurring when it comes to social media and building a business so we decided to open it up one more time this year.

Guess what?

That time is now to get on the waitlist. And, have an opportunity to open your third quarter stronger than ever and close out your fourth quarter like never before. We know that this level of accountability has created never seen before success in many of our members. We should note that those members are typically the ones who took full advantage of the accountability available. Because we know that there are some people who just aren’t ready.

And that’s OK. We make sure we dedicate ourselves to the ones who are.

If you are ready to commit to yourself and your business you will want to get on the waiting list buy clicking here >> SOCIAL IMPACTER SOCIETY

In closing, although we believe that you are 100% responsible or the success of your business — having an accountability partner (or partners) can be the game changer.

Regardless of where you are on your journey, we hope that the information found here is helpful and we look forward to hearing more about your successes in the future!

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