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7 Annoying Social Media Habits You Should Break

When we plan out our content (a week at a time), there are a few key things we think about. The first is that the Facebook or Blog post serve the reader versus us, the author. The second thing we consider are the images or videos that pair well with the content. You know, are they relevant, engaging, thought provoking, and so on. Thirdly, we map out the days and times that we will post them. You might call these things — Social Media Habits that have afforded us more time, to serve others. This of course was after breaking through the annoying social media ones we had developed.

Annoying Social Media Habits … you know the ones

In fact, there are a ton of horrible ones out there — too many. And, we thought we would dedicate this post specifically to those who are business owners, network marketers, and people under these umbrellas. Here’s the deal — when you launched your business you were probably told about a few things to ‘stay away from’ posting on Facebook;

  1. Politics
  2. Religion

These two being the primary’s — and frankly, at least one of the two we are proud of and speak, post and mention the topic often. Please understand, these are not the faux pas we are referring to in this post. This one, will highlight the posts that people may not even realize are annoying social media habits — maybe even ones you are doing now!

Everyone is on social media, which is why you are using it as a marketing strategy for your business.


Well, just because you’re on social media doesn’t mean that you’re doing it right. In fact, some things that you do on social media could hurt your brand (business) more than it helps. SO, needless to say we assumed sharing some of the poor social media habits people are doing, would be helpful.

7 Annoying Facebook Posts You Should Stop

#1 — Not Posting Consistently

Around 70% of marketers (network marketers included) lack consistency in their social media efforts. This is a huge mistake, because when you are not consistently posting every day around the same times, you are missing out on getting the attention of a much larger, organic audience. It is critical to post more than once a day and around the same times so that your audience knows when to expect your content.

They will, look for it.

If you need to, set reminders in your phone to make sure you don’t forget. Or, for those who are in the moderate to advanced level of their business — financially — consider other options if they are available to you. So, although number one is a blurred line in the world of ‘annoying’, in our opinion a disservice to your audience is.

#2 — Overloading Posts with Hashtags

There is nothing more annoying than seeing a post with MORE hashtags than actual content. However, when hashtags are used effectively, they can be extremely beneficial to a brand. You should consider using one to three hashtags (on Facebook) and make sure they are very specific to the topic of your post.

For example, if you are posting about a customer testimonial or review consider ones like #TestimonialTuesday or #BeforeAndAfter. Ones that will make sense to the audience. Sure, the creative ones can be fun, so save those for non business related posts.

#3 — Only Making Posts With Photos

While pictures and memes are cute and more often than not great shareable content, you want to make sure you are using social media to tell your audience more about you. And, more importantly, you want to make sure that you are sharing information and video that hold a narrative to them.

Storytelling is a growing trend across all social media and marketing strategies — don’t miss the boat here! Whether you share more about you through written content or video, mix things up — your audience will appreciate it. Oh! and use pictures that are of you! Stock imagery is not even remotely as relatable than your own pictures.

Facebook, is designed for brands and businesses to be social, not to be some bulletin board in the lunch room.

#4 — Lack of Quality Content

Without being redundant here — Content matters! And, quality trumps quantity every time. Content that is of no value to your audience will end up getting ignored potentially find themselves elsewhere than on your page. This doesn’t mean don’t share about golf if your audience aren’t golfers — relate the golf to YOU. Because we know, they care about you.

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(we have some great things rolling out in the next while on Content Strategies — be sure to comment below if you want to be notified of when things are ready to rock!)

#5 — Always Selling or Promoting Something

According to experts in this space — ‘It’s cheesy and it’s spammy’. And, probably one of the most annoying social media habits people have — especially network marketers. And, I don’t fault them (you) for this. You were probably shown to do it. But guess what?

Doesn’t mean it’s right.

Social media is a conversation. No one wants to have a conversation with a door-to-door salesman, why because it’s another one of those annoying social media habits. That’s why.

Think about the brands you follow on social media. The big brands — not even network marketing or direct sales related. What do you like about them? We’re not sure if you are familiar with Casey Neistat or not, but he was hired by Nike to create a commercial on their Fuel Band.

We should add he is one of the most brilliant video content creators — ever! So much so, instead of creating the commercial (or so he thought) him and a buddy took the commercial budget, and traveled like never before.

“Without a goal, you can’t score.” With that in mind, filmmaker Casey Neistat and his friend Graham set out on a quest to do more and revisit what it means to #makeitcount with the Nike+ FuelBand. (NIKE YouTube Channel)

Seriously … NIKE a larger than life brand understood even back in 2012 when the video is from the power of storytelling. The power in experiences, optimism, and so on. This, was one of the most popular NIKE commercials ever — and yet, did you feel sold even for a moment?

Think about that.

#6 — Not Responding to or Engaging your Audience

Look at this annoying social media habit as someone without manners. There are two reasons you should reply or acknowledge all comments you receive on a post. First, because the commenter feels like their comment was ‘heard’ or valued. Remember, people will always remember how you make them feel — start by making them feel good.

And, since we know marketers love to talk algorithm, the more engagement a post has — the better the visibility. You might look at this as a selfless followed with a selfish act, but business is a great balance of both.

Think about this, someone does a post about Quality Weight Loss Tips and their CTA (call to action) is if you have questions drop them below. So, you drop your comment. *crickets* How are you likely to engage with that person in future? It is probable that you won’t.

In our opinion, you are never too busy to engage on a social platform. And, this doesn’t mean right away either. But at some point, when you are building your business — take the time. It will make all the difference, we promise.

#7 — Copy and Paste Status Updates

Potentially, one of the most annoying social media habits. You now the ones right?

‘Hi everyone Jumping on the bandwagon… Fighting this Facebook algorithm change, because I’m totally noticing I am not seeing so many of my friends’ posts. ?
Here’s how to avoid hearing from the same 26 FB friends and nobody else…..’

Seriously, how many times have you seen this post in your newsfeed? Guess what? They hurt your ‘algorithm’ more than they do any good – not to mention an annoying social media habit!

Stop please, stop this! And, this applies to any copy and paste status messages. Because, who’s to say your audience relates at all with the actual author? People follow you because of who you are — not who your business partner is.

Be authentic. Stay you.

As always, would love your feedback — what’s working, what’s not, and all things in between! Remember, let us know if you want to be given a heads up on our Content Strategy Goodies too! 

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