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Ask Me Anything Facebook Recap | Network Marketers

Today’s blog is a little different to keep things relevant for you. Recently, I hosted an Ask me Anything (AMA) Facebook Live for our audience on that platform. This post, will recap some of the questions (and answers) which we know you will find valuable.

Don’t forget to leave your questions in the comments and the next time I host one of these I’ll be sure to answer them!

Let’s get started. 

Ask Me Anything Facebook Q&A Recap

Question One: How do you make a Facebook Live description so people want to watch?

Answer: The best way to do this is go into the video and grab the attention of my viewers. Titles matter – BIG time. You want to peak curiosity, drive that ideal person to click on that video.

Question Two: Coach Fryer what do you sell?

Answer: Presently, we (my wife and I) focus primarily on coaching. We help network marketers build their businesses using social media the right way.

Question Three: Referencing the title for Facebook Live question, what is the best way to ‘name’ i?

Answer: Think about who you want to watch your video. The more specific you can be in your title and description, you are more likely to attract the qualified viewers. Start with who your ideal prospect is and deliver on that! What problem are they dealing with? Answer that for them in your video.

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Question Four: How do you close a prospect?

Answer: To answer this Ask me Anything – the best way often is just go for it. Something along the lines of ‘is there anything else you need to know or I can help you with before you get started? If the answer is no, it’s simple follow up with ‘then sounds to me like you’re ready to get started’.

Yes, this can feel absolutely strange at first … BUT with more practice it gets easier and you will find yourself closing more sales and recruiting new distributors.

Question Five: What are good topics for Live videos?

Answer: Think about your hobbies and interests, start there. In our social impacter society we discuss the 5 pillars of your brand and help shape your content around each of them. Covering topics that you are passionate about will help you become more comfortable and be relatable to those watching you.

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