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3 Tips to Attract Leaders to your Network Marketing Business

Would learning how to attract leaders into your business be helpful? Are you familiar with the deck of cards analogy? Let me share that with you before we continue. Too often, network marketers get ‘hung up‘ on the idea of needing a leader. One to propel their business forward, right?

And, even spend far too long (missing other opportunities) seeking out this ‘top’ person they hope will blow their business wide open. Meanwhile, if you knew that of 52 people (deck of cards) that 4 were leaders (Aces), would you dismiss everyone else? Or, would you work through at least that many to attract your ace(s)? This is where the practice and implementation of the skills necessary occurs.

Instead of chasing those leaders I am going to share with you how to attract them.

After all, we’re in the business of attraction and relationship marketing. So, attracting leaders shouldn’t be any different. Additionally, know that it will take time. Skills like confidence and posture develop overtime. So hang in there, and work at applying the tips you will learn today to help you propel your own business forward!

3 Tips to Attract Leaders into your Business

Tip Number 1: Become the leader that you want to attract.

In order for you to sign up leaders in your business you have to be the type of leader that you seeking. Leaders, surround themselves with other leaders. Now, this may seem like a simple answer to a more complex question about how to attract leaders, but focus on your — first.

Think about why you want to prospect or recruit leaders? What are the traits that you admire or respect most about them — Be that. Consider adding the lists of skills and assets you believe they possess and seek out the resources or training to acquire them. You might be surprised at how many of these skills you already have inside you and sometimes, they just need a little encouragement to surface!

Tip Number 2: Start being mindful of the people you surround yourself with.

Surround yourself with others in your socioeconomic status or higher. Please note that this does not solely include income or education levels. Be mindful of the ambitious (or lack there of) people in your environments. Surround yourself with more like minded individuals who share the same motivation to work and better themselves.

It is these people, who will help push you forward. And by default, will assist you in becoming the leader (like tip number 1) you are wanting to attract.

Tip Number 3: Be open to learning how to use social media more effectively.

Learn how you can leverage your social media to grow your organization and attract more leaders to your business. Knowing how to use social media the right way is crucial. Your online presence is among one of the first things people — leaders included — will check out.

What does your newsfeed, stories or profile say about you? Does it display someone that a leader would want to align themselves with? This may seem trivial but your social media profiles and presence are key.

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