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Attract Quality Prospects With 7 Easy Social Media Steps

It is likely by now you have gone through the preliminary steps of setting up your social media profiles. However, in past we have found that after offering some complimentary reader audits — there are a ton of the same ‘errors’ happening. You see, when done right – your social media should attract quality prospects.

Meaning, in many ways it can be doing the work for you.

So, in today’s post I’m going to share with you some KEY (and easy) steps to ensure your profile is working to your advantage. You may want to keep these tips handy so that you can revisit them every 60-90 days to ensure you are maximizing its full potential!

How to Attract Quality Prospects on Social Media

First things first — do NOT have your company name on your profile. This is among the most common mistake that network marketers do. We get it, you’re excited, but this is rarely if ever — a good idea. This should also include any ‘business pages’ you have attached to your account. Often, network marketing companies require you to use the company name in the title – so if this is the case, consider removing it from the front profile about section.

A Completed Profile Goes a Long Way!

Since we’re in the relationship marketing business do the best you can to fill out each of the profile about sections. This can include your favorite quotes, books, pages, events, etc. Make sure that there are ways that others can contact you — it amazes us how many people have the messaging option off to ‘non-friends’. If you have a website outside of your company one – include it. The easier you make it for people to reach out to you — the better!

Same Vibe Across All Platforms 

Many network marketers are using a variety of social media platforms to attract quality prospects. And, although we want to encourage you to not spread yourself too thin — do what you can to keep the appearance the same. If you call yourself a health and wellness expert on Facebook, do so on Instagram too. This demonstrates great consistency in both your brand and your positioning in the market place.

Quality Images and Videos Matter

When you are uploading images and videos to your profiles be mindful of the quality. Nothing says ‘no thanks’ like a blurry image or poor sound on a video. This is especially true on image based platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. If you want to attract quality prospects, you have to put quality out there.

Let your Personality Shine Through

Social Media. The first word is social, right? BE THAT! Quality prospects don’t want to sift through a timeline of ads and promotions, they want to know who’s inside there. Focus first on being true to who you are and the sale of products or services will come. By demonstrating to others more about who you are – your personality – that’s what they will connect with long before a flash sale or urgent offer!

Ask your Audience and Deliver

One of the best ways to get people to engage with your page is to ask your best customers or clients — those that fit your target audi­ence — what they want to see on your social media pages. This simple question can feed your content bank for months!

Create a Content Plan

Don’t post on the fly or try to figure out daily what you’ll post. A social media strategy (with objectives/goals) for each post will help you tell your story, which will create an engaged audience. Additionally, it’ll be much easier to post consistently good content.

Never get too Busy to Love on your Audience

Always — at all costs, make time for your audience. This might mean liking and replying to comments they leave on your page but more importantly, take time to engage on theirs. That small action of appreciation is what creates retention with existing customers and without question helps attract quality prospects to your business.

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