Attraction Marketing - How to Use It

Attraction Marketing and How to Use it!

attraction marketingYou asked, and I listened. One of the most common questions I receive either in my private Facebook community, emails from my blog readers, or in my Facebook inbox is this; How to use attraction marketing to grow your business. Or, better yet, “Coach Fryer, what IS attraction marketing?”

In this post, I want to conquer both of those things.

If you are not implementing attraction marketing in your business, you’re missing a big piece of the puzzle, and I would like to help you fill it!

What is Attraction Marketing?

“An effective attraction marketing system requires you as an internet marketer to offer information that will attract potential customers with an aim of establishing your expertise in a particular niche.” Sounds simple enough right?

Let’s think of Costco for a moment. A huge warehouse, filled with all sorts of goodies – from electronics, to groceries, furniture to clothing. You’re walking around the grocery area and stationed (rather strategically) are these little booths with employees handing out samples. They might range from the butter chicken sauce, to the cranberry cookies, pineapple juice or these great new pasta shells. Whatever the case is, they’re there, and they’re free.

You probably walk over, grab yourself a sample, and then you taste it. You glance back at the price, you savour the last of those flavours, and if you enjoyed them enough (which you probably did), you found the package ending up in your cart.

This is a prime example of how Costco uses attraction marketing, to grow their business. Because, let’s be honest, had to not been ‘attracted’ to that free sample, you may never have put that product in your cart. Perhaps the design of the package spoke to you, it drew you over – it may have even been solely the smell that told you ‘go check this out’. Regardless of what brought you over, and resulted in your purchasing that product – was done solely through attraction. It’s like the employee serving the sample didn’t even speak to you.

Now picture this for your own business.

Attraction Marketing on Social Media

Think about your Facebook profile for a moment. We’ve touched on this before that it should be about you, not attraction marketingan infomercial! What does your profile say about the person you are. The successful network marketers and direct sales consultants use this method of attracting customers, or distributors typically through attraction.

It may be through their lifestyle, their personality, when done correctly, you’re made to feel like you know them already. And, as we know – people buy from people that they know, like and trust.

I love being able to hop on Facebook Live with my audience and deliver the nuggets, plug them into my Facebook community, offer resources and tools that I use personally. I also enjoy sharing with my audience who I am – a father, a husband. Sharing my Chipotle visits or surprise getaways with my wife.

Surprise! This method of attraction marketing, may even be how you and I met.

Now, it is possible to simply get your sales message out there and people will buy from you. This isn’t necessarily common, but it is possible. Now, having said that, what if you actually understood and implemented attraction marketing into your business online? What if you were able to satisfy the ‘know, like and trust’ concept, and grow your business that way. The right way.

So what are ways that you can share your business with others, using these attraction marketing techniques? Would love to hear your feedback and suggestions – and what’s working (or not working) for you!

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