Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing Secrets For Network Marketers

Have you pictured yourself in a place where you are acquiring customers and distributors into your network marketing business effortlessly? Or, can you envision being the hunted versus the hunter? One of the biggest success tips from top leaders and income earners in our professions stems from attraction marketing.

Knowing and applying this skill can make the necessary differences in your business.

Think back to the last product (or service) you purchased on social media. Perhaps it was a shampoo or lip color, a book or candle scent. What made you reach out to that person? Chances are, you were already attracted to this person. Maybe, you caught them on a live video or you loved the cat picture they shared the day before.

You might even be an avid rock climber, and turns out so are they!

Attraction Marketing Using Facebook Posts

We often don’t dissect why we reach out to people, slap a like on a post – or share it with others. But, when we do, we realize thereattraction marketing was more to it than a great product post. Let me give you an example. Friday afternoon, I was out with my son for lunch and then to do some shopping. You see, there are people who long for this type of Friday afternoon. And, for a moment consider what this picture said to them. To you it may have said ‘Oh hey, I love Chipotle!’, or maybe ‘oh my gosh your son is so cute’. But, it also may have said to you ‘Gosh I wish I was out for lunch with my son for lunch and shopping right now instead of at work’.

Although this post wasn’t directed at anything or anyone specific – truth was we were just enjoying the day, it resonated. I didn’t have to speak about my growing community, courses or coaching programs although that is where the magic happens.

It happens when we use attraction marketing regularly and in conjunction with other posts that may be more specific to business.

And, although this isn’t rocket science, there is a science to this. One that I have tried, tested and found to be true throughout my own previous network marketing career and now with our communities and clients.

Here are a few of my top suggestions when it comes to using effective posts on Facebook;

  1. Establish your ‘why’. Be intentional with what you are posting.
  2. Use pictures (increasing contrast can make pictures ‘pop’)
  3. Interact with, show interest in your audience
  4. Have fun, use humor, share your interests
  5. Be YOU! (see post here on being authentic)


Attraction Marketing

My suggestion, is posting 3-5 times per day on your Facebook profile. These posts should be a good variety of different things from your friends or family, activities you are doing, maybe a quote or passage you like, etc.

Attraction Marketing is the use of marketing techniques specifically designed to teach the potential customer what you are doing and how a service or product will benefit them before they even buy!

Let’s consider this equation .. 

Creating Value = Relationship
Building Relationship = Trust
Establishing Trust = Sales/Distributors

95% of the network marketing and direct sales industry are not using Attraction Marketing in their daily efforts. More times than not because they simply ‘do not know’. It is not a skill or technique that is taught in the industry despite its known effectiveness.

Why Should You Use Attraction Marketing?

  1. It helps you build YOUR brand. Because, let’s call it what it is, nobody really cares if your company is on the Inc 500 list. Is it great? I mean sure – but that has nothing to do with you so to speak. Sharing those facts might work later on, in a personal conversation – but as a Facebook post I’m going to suggest it just doesn’t matter.
  2. Attracting new prospects daily (attracting not repelling). You deserve to Wake up with new messages in your inbox and/or comments of interest. A big struggle in network marketing is ‘running out of people to talk to’. This does not need to be the norm.
  3. It attracts the right people. In this industry, we work closely with people – wouldn’t you rather work with people you actually … like? And by like I mean spending time with, growing with, earning an income with? Yes of course!

Attraction MarketingBe pully not pushy!

I want to share a few tups on how you can get started – today – using attraction marketing to add value, gain the right interest to your business, and be authentic in doing so!

  • Be open to learning it – and then, applying it
  • If you apply attraction marketing consistently overtime, it is going to work
  • Think like a media company – evaluate brands you know and love, what are they doing?
  • Not sure where to start? No problem. I am here to help! (join our FREE community here)

Lastly, let’s look at a few ways of using it to benefit your direct sales or network marketing business.

Out teach your competition!

This means, find something that you are good at. Maybe it is Facebook Live, or creating cool images for social media. Perhaps you are an excellent relationship builder, or know an interesting engagement hack. Share it! Teach it! This positions you as an expert in that realm, and thus, creates genuine interest in what you have to say (or do).

Lead with value, give before you take

Give, give, give, and give some more. Leave people better than when you found them – sound familiar? When you are able to have people leaving your video, page or post feeling like – wow that was good, what do they do? This could be two things; they tell someone else, and they come back for more. This is why delivering consistent value is KEY! Quit leaving your audience hanging!

Smart marketers lead with… 

… Facebook Lives, Blog posts, Educational posts, Webinars, Shareable content, Free content, and all things in between. Ultimately this helps not only attract ideal customers or business  partners to you but are more likely to ‘buy’ when you have given them so much for free.

Get QUALIFIED people looking at what you have to offer

When people are ‘pre-qualified’ a higher percentage of them will be signing up as customers or distributors in your business. This is as a result of them seeing your free content. You have gained their trust and they see you as authority or expert.

I.L.T. (a none other than Ray Higdon takeaway!)

Invest, Learn, Teach. We could throw an ‘R’ in there too for Repeat. Following this formula will help you create great habits and ones that will translate lucratively into your business.

Before you go!

Check out this video on What IS Attraction Marketing?

Overall, I hope that you have gained some value from the tips shared here today. To help more people be sure to hit that share button and leave your comments below – what’s worked, what hasn’t, what can we do together, to enhance the lives of others in this wonderful profession of network marketing and direct sales?!

Look forward to hearing from you in the comments below! 

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