Network Marketing Basics | 3 Tips to Avoid Getting Stuck

It might be a bold but real assumption that many people in the network marketing profession are using social media to share their business. Would you agree? What is also true is that SO many of these same people are not going about it the ‘right way‘. In this post, I’m going to revisit a few network marketing basics to help you avoid getting stuck in your business.

We can’t let the start stop you but we also can’t let the wrong way set you back either.

Tune into the video below and be sure to visit the summary afterwards!

Summary: 3 Tips to Avoid Getting Stuck

There are a multitude of reasons people find themselves stuck in business right? These could be general reasons like;

  1. Not having a plan (business, content, marketing or otherwise)
  2. Lack of confidence or belief
  3. Building for a pay check instead of an impact
  4. A limiting mindset
  5. Perfectionism (analysis paralysis)
  6. Unorganized


… and the list goes on! 

But … let’s more so focus on the things you may already be doing (on social media) that are causing more ‘stuck-ness’ (not totally sure that’s a word but you get the point!) in your business on social media.

Ultimately, the goal is to avoid you getting stuck or in some ways — making things worse.

So, let’s recap the video.

You’re Giving Away the Cookie!


As someone who LOVES cookies, this one is a tough one to swallow. Please stop posting your company link, logos or other insignias in your Social Media profiles. Two reasons for this.

First, is that you are giving people all the info they need to check things out on Google without even having a conversation with you. Remember, you’re in the relationship business … let their relationship about your amazing products or services be with you instead of Google.

Second, is that we want to see you branding yourself and not being another extension to your company’s existing brand. Yes of course be proud of where you are in terms of company but don’t let them become your identity as an entrepreneur!

avoid getting stuck

Please Stop Cold Messaging Strangers with your Pitch


Even if your pitch is … ‘pitch perfect’ — please stop doing this. To avoid getting stuck this is an area in need of major improvement. Think about how much you love receiving messages in your inbox from people you’ve never (or rarely) communicated with only to be sold something you may not even need!

As I mentioned above — WE are in the relationship marketing business and I promise you this is not how you build relationships.

For example, the reality in doing this is that you are throwing away real opportunities for connections.

Lead with Value & Sprinkle Curiosity Everywhere you Go!


Think about the value you have to share in relation to your product or service. This value should be generic to a general niche;

  1. Health & Wellness
  2. Hair Care
  3. Financial Services
  4. Jewellery
  5. Cosmetics


… and so on. Consider this; what value can you offer your audience in relation to your topic area? What tips, tricks, resources, tools or otherwise can you provide? When we offer value to others, this begins to establish an underlying trust and this helps foster or nurture relationships which ultimately can lead to sales.

My suggestion to avoid getting stuck or hung up in this area is create a content plan. And within this content plan, be sure to include 2-3 curiosity pieces of content each week.

Lastly, if you are really stuck on what type of value you could even share with your audience — take advantage of my $1 Trial happening inside my Virtual Impact Academy. Let me help get you on the right path and help you avoid getting stuck in your network marketing business!

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