Back To Basics In Network Marketing

Back To Basics In Network Marketing

Seems like a simple enough concept, back to basics in network marketing; I’m going to suggest the concept is simple but the implementation of it, not so much. Now, you might be saying to yourself “what does that mean Coach Fryer?” What I mean is, let’s go back to when you first launched your company – any network marketing or direct sales company. How were you feeling? Were you scared, nervous, excited, passionate? Maybe even all of the above. For whatever reason, that excitement at one point or another starts to wear thin, slow down, not exist. Would this be true?

Now, there are likely a variety of reasons that this happens – life being one of them, but ultimately I think it’s a safe assumption that you are tired, burnt out, ran out of those friends and family you had hoped would be as excited as you were. We start hearing the word “no” far more than we thought we would ever hear. The process, starts to feel like a chore, maybe even a job. But, why does this happen? Perhaps this sounds familiar;

  1. Write a list of all the people you know – we’re going to call them all they’ll be so excited
  2. Post your product, company, link all over your Facebook – people will come flocking!
  3. Copy and Paste this [insert message] into everyone’s inbox

You quickly start to realize that —- People start to avoid your calls, may even be removing you from social media because your page looks like a billboard, or maybe you’ve been reported as spam for the excessive messages you’ve sent.

Unfortunately, I hear this a lot in the industry of network marketing and it’s for this reason I stepped away from the industry as far as building it – to work with network marketers and direct sales consultants who might feel ‘stuck’, feel like ‘quitting’, ‘tired’, and for those who want to take their business to the next level.

You can find my community of helping people get back to basics in network marketing here

My goal with this community (and one that has proven to work, time and time again) is to shorten the learning curve, help others build and ROCK their networking marketing business online and teach them how to use social media effectively to do so.

Meet Hannah Ford

I just want to say a massive thank you to Brian! The training in here is amazing, I’ve learnt so much already & its transforming my business… I’ve had 10 new Business Partners join me since Sunday! (…) It has simplified my business & I cannot wait to see what’s next!!

My goal, collectively is to help people, like you, maximize on this brilliant industry and get back to basics in network marketing. It’s not about reinventing the wheel, it’s about relationships, it’s about tapping into your strengths and exploiting them. It’s about taking what hasn’t worked, and learning the tools, tips and tricks that do. The community is that of support, knowledge, among dozens of other goodies I’ll share with you — next time!

I’ll leave you with 5 important skills needed to getting back to basics in network marketing

  1. Find prospects (I utilize social media almost exclusively)
  2. Communicate well with those prospects
  3. Build genuine relationships
  4. Fortune in the Follow Up
  5. Show your new team members to do the same

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