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Grow your Business by Sharing your Bad Day on Facebook

Now, before things get a little crazy let us explain. Because, we are pretty sure you are wondering what in the world are we talking about! Right? Truth is, the common trend is ‘keep your Facebook positive!’. And, yes for the most part 100% we agree with that. So, why share your bad day on Facebook? Especially, when you are building a business.

A Bad Day makes you Relatable

This next part is super important.

We are not suggesting by any means that you start to air your dirty laundry (or so the saying goes) all over Facebook. This also doesn’t mean being all out negative either. And so, in this post we want to teach you how to take those struggles, or bad day, or obstacles and turn them into moment your audience will relate to.

Because let’s be honest for a moment; everyone has a bad day. However, we also like to believe that it is in these moments there are always lessons. There is always something we can learn from it — without necessarily knowing right away. One of the biggest hurdles we have seen over the years is the illusion of all things are perfect.

Unfortunately, what that says to an audience is;

  1. my life isn’t perfect I can’t do that or,
  2. they’re not being genuine – no way things are always fantastic

Now sure, there are exceptions to this but we’ve found that sharing the good day and the bad day (sporadically) can be beneficial to your network marketing business.

Being Authentic Wins Every Time

Let us give you some facts to back this up a little bit. in 2017, there was a study conducted that examined more than 30 million Facebook status updates from users in the United States. The study looked at things like;

  1. the Feeling: ____ area of the status and,
  2. how people use the like, heart, sad, mad and laughing reactions

What you might be surprised to know is that 38% of those feelings and reactions were deemed ‘negative ones. In addition to that they also found that these negative statuses often brought out the best in their Facebook circles. There were words of support, encouragement, complements, analogies, lessons taught, great perspectives, etc.

Naturally, people want to help. And so, when you craft a status that although shares a negative or ‘bad day’ vibe to it, can actually be quite powerful. Please understand we are not trying to shed light on a bad day or moment but we are suggesting that this is a great way to connect on a deeper level with your audience.

Be Real & Avoid Attention Seeking Status Updates

Here’s the deal vague posts that are practically begging for someone to ask you ‘are you OK’ or ‘what happened?‘ are just as bad as posts that exist solely to fish for compliments. No one appreciates seeing vague posts that simply proclaim a day things like ‘I’m having the worst day ever’. 

Be considerate of your Facebook friends, and don’t leave them hanging. If you are just posting it to get attention, then reconsider whether it’s something worth sharing or not. And, this is not the right way to do business. In fact, your bad day, or message out of your mess should be truthful and not a pity party situation.

Doing this, will only have people feeling like you are being slimy or sneaky.

If you aren’t having a bad day, don’t say you are for the sake of gaining some traction on a post! Do you recall the post we did about how motivational quotes are probably hurting your business? (if not check it out > here <) but in summary, that post discusses why the quotes need some substance to them .

The same theory and approach, can be applied here.

A Bad Day Needs Substance if you are going to Post About it

Let’s assume you have had a bad day. Maybe, you have been so busy working your business that you were completely distracted and locked your keys in the car. This created a snowball effect of being late for a meeting or missing an appointment and so on. You may go as far as saying you are overwhelmed and just stretched to no end. You are annoyed, frustrated and frankly, ready to give up.

If you were to post a status that resembled something like that …. what would that say to your audience?

Instead, what if the post read something like this;

Gosh! I realized today I am just really struggling with finding balance. Business has been great but I am all out of routine! I locked my keys in the car and ended up missing my appointment because my mind is just all over. But instead of freaking out, I self reflected a bit while I waited for the tow truck. And, what I realized is that I am really struggling the most with time management. I am craving balance in my life but not entirely sure where to start. Are there any recommendations you have? Agenda? Calendar? Schedule? (and so on).

Notice the differences?

What would the second example say to your audience?

The second status does a couple things;

  1. touches on a few pain points that most people can relate to a) super busy b) finding balance c) time
  2. drops a small piece about self reflection and what you realized as a result
  3. asking for help

Remember, People Love to give their Opinions

This, is why posts that include a question almost always have 3X more engagement. Asking perspectives, opinions, suggestions and ideas are super key. In fact, you would probably gain some great ideas for time management and/or balance that you could actually apply to your life to help.

So sure, locking your keys in the car is never fun (we know!) but if you can find a way to shed some positive light or find that silver lining people will appreciate you for that.

These types of posts also help your audience feel like they know you. And, they can relate a whole lot more because you are a real person, being transparent about even, your bad day.

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