Become a leader

Become A Leader In Your Network Marketing Company

I was fortunate to spend some time recently on some beautiful acreage in Dallas, Texas with some friends of ours, and I found myself needing to share a message with you (video below). There are so many times I’ve been asked ‘How do you become a leader in your network marketing company?‘. Everyone seems to always be looking for this secret sauce or recipe, and I wish there was more to the answer – but really, the ideology is so crystal clear but it’s about you implementing it.

Let’s talk about making a decision. Deciding that you are in fact already a leader. We can refer to this as your posture.

Few Tips on How Posture will Help You Become a Leader

Become a leader

  1. Posture yourself as the person who makes decisions. Instead of hoping this prospect will join you – determine if they should join you first.
  2. Posture yourself as the authority. Having the ability to answer the prospects questions and/or be resourceful in ensuring you are the person who can get them the answer.
  3. Remain in control. For example, ‘I will call you tomorrow after you are finished work’.
  4. Since you are using social media as your platform, be sure to posture your business as an online vessel – something that someone can duplicate, easily, with your leadership.
  5. Posture yourself as busy. Busy in a sense that you have hours of availability, and not able to jump on every demand or question.

Now, when we are starting out in the industry (or starting out the right way …) it is OK to borrow some posture or confidence from your sponsor or upline support group. Meanwhile, working on yourself to become a leader in the profession.

To build this confidence along the way, here are a few suggestions to get started.

  1. Your knowledge base. This includes products, compensation plan and most importantly, success stories. This doesn’t mean you need to know anything and everything there is – and starting with stories is always the best place to begin. What it means is, when you are establishing that credibility and working to become a leader – leaders know these things. Or at the very least, know where to point you in the right direction to find those things.
  2. Use positive words. Consider using verbiage such as; I will, definitely, I can, I’ll do this. And consider avoiding verbiage such as; I’ll try, I think, I might, I can’t, probably. These few switches will go along way on helping you improve your posture while on your journey to become that sought after leader in your network marketing business.
  3. Personal development, work on yourself. Find ways to be around people who are where you want to be. This might mean attending an event or workshop, a webinar or conference. This might include taking pictures with those who have a success record, it shows who you are in fact learning from, and surrounding yourself with.

What I want to mention is, this posture and confidence won’t happen overnight. But the decision to become a leader in your profession is a split second one. Be conscious of it, commit to it, and then do everything you can to get there.


I hope this short two (2) minutes video was of value, even for the simple message that reiterates how you are in control to become a leader in your business. It is almost like making a decision that you deserve it, because guess what? YOU DO!

Using the right network marketing posture, will help you become a leader. Look at it like this, If you are the one who shows desperation or go into a begging type mode with a prospect to sign up, people might not like to follow you, in fact, they won’t.

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