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How to Become a Top Earner in Network Marketing Using Social Media

Everyone has different reasons for getting involved with network marketing, right? Sometimes, it is for that extra few hundred a month to cover expenses. Other times, it is solely for the social aspect or culture. Then, there are those of you who are looking to become a top earner in the profession. And, if the latter is what you are after — this is the post for you.

Often, people can get caught in believing that dream it is out of reach and we almost, self-sabotage.

It can feel impossible a dream far too big.

But guess what? Everyone and I mean every has it in them.

How to Become a Top Earner Using Social Media

Quick Video Recap for you Hungry Network Marketers! 

First and foremost (and I know it is something you ‘already know‘) but DO NOT quit! See, top earners don’t just achieve their success because they could magically recruit all these customers and distributors. They become so committed to staying the course that quitting isn’t an option.

There’s no ‘plan B’ when it comes to working their business. They are all in. So, if you are truly seeking to become top earner in our incredible profession know that quitting isn’t in your vocabulary. They don’t quit on themselves, their vision, their dreams, their beliefs and everything else in between.

Only you, can make that decision.

Becoming a top earning also means you show up — everyday.

… including and, especially on, the days you don’t feel like it. You know, I can remember when my wife Dani and I were actively building our network marketing business … And truthfully, even now with our social media coaching — the days we don’t feel like it were/are the days that we needed it the most.

Whether your medium is;

  1. live video
  2. social media posts (personal, groups, etc.)
  3. prospecting or follow up calls/messages
  4. team meetings, zooms, etc.

If you are seeking to become a top earner showing up on the days you don’t feel like is non-negotiable.

Lastly, when it comes to that drive to become a top earner in network marketing I want you to ask yourself this question;

How much have you invested in yourself?

And by investing I mean in acquiring the skills, tools and resources to master your craft. Sure, YouTube is a gold mine for how-to videos and instructional tips and tricks. However, despite the greatest efforts (mine included) delivering the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ is easy. It’s the how, it’s the accountability, it’s the notion of having skin in the game that forces you to level up.

Hear me out — I know when starting out we don’t necessarily have the budget to spend thousands, right? However, it’s about getting in where we fit in. Maybe it’s a $1 Trial like my offer in the Social Impacter Society. Or, it’s a mini course on crushing Facebook Lives. Perhaps it’s a book or it’s attending a conference or event that will help you learn and refine your skills.

Whatever the case is … you will not meet one top earner who hasn’t invested in themselves the way some of us invested in school in hopes of finding employment, right? Harsh reality in some ways.

I’ll leave you with this …

When we treat our business like a hobby it’ll pay us as such. BUT, when we treat it like a business well, you will be on your way to become a top earner in the. network marketing profession.

We always love your feedback, questions, comments, etc. So, be sure to stop by the comment section and let us know if these tips were helpful and what else can we do — TO SERVE YOU!


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