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Create a Bigger Impact through your Business

The majority of entrepreneurs and small business owners want to make a big impact in business. And, they want to make a bigger difference with the work they do. You see, it’s about uncovering their greater purpose as a way of making that big change and, bigger impact.

While you can start a business to make money, please strive for more than that.

If the sole reason for your business is to make money, you will be more likely to give up when your business isn’t making money. However, if you tie a reason to why you’re starting or running your business, now you’re giving yourself a little extra push. One that is often needed, right?

3 Ways to Create a Bigger Impact through your Business

The following suggestions are activities you can implement early on in business and naturally, scale them to where you feel fulfilled. Your purpose, your impact and your passion will grow as you do.

Even the smallest actions can create incredible impact.

Gain and/or Refine your Clarity

When you have your business idea, or operational business, you’ll want to make a commitment of 6 months to a year to allow yourself to make it through the hardest times. At the end of the 6 months or a year, you’ll want to set an exact day where you can analyze your business which will allow you to pivot or keep going in the direction you love.

It is here, you can begin to execute pieces of that bigger impact (more on that below!)

Get Clear on your Purpose

If your business doesn’t align with your purpose, this can pose a few hiccups. If your goal is to impact the lives of others through a form of social services, your business needs to align with that. Grow a business that aligns with your purpose and makes an impact.

Please note; this isn’t something that can be done overnight. It’s a process that can take months, even years to complete. However, the clearer you become in your purpose, the more you can give and implement along the way.

Stay Focused on your Mission

Here’s some raw truth – it’s expected that you will fail. But, no matter how tough it gets, always stay focused on your mission and what you’re trying to achieve.

You started a business that aligns with your purpose and not just to make money (we hope), so you understand that your business will push you to your limits.

You will go further than you ever thought was possible and in return, you’ll make more a bigger impact on the world and others than you thought imaginable.

The Viability Model for Bigger Impact

Lastly, Dani and I operate our business under what is often referred to as the viability model.

This is where your business uses the profit that it generates to fuel some sort of aid work. Maybe you give a portion of your profits to a charity or, you have a charitable arm of your organization or, perhaps each sale contributes a dollar amount to a campaign.

Famous examples of this model include TOMS shoes. Where, with each pair purchased, they give a pair of shoes to someone in a developing country.

If helping others is above you, success will avoid you.

We are always seeking more ways to make an impact, not only online but in our local community. One of our favorite ways of serving and being a blessing is donating food to our local food bank. Thankful for my wife who is the mastermind behind finding more ways we can GIVE locally.

What impact are you looking to create in your business?

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bigger impact