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How to Build a Bigger Network Marketing Team

When you think about recruiting, where do you think the process would be simpler? Would it be best to cold market prospect someone into your business? Or, do you think helping an existing customer transition to distributor be the way to go? I would bet you answered with the latter, right? And, in today’s blog I am going to teach you how to build a bigger network marketing team using this strategy.

After all, it is unlikely anyone is uninterested in how to build a bigger team, right? 

First things first; customer focused is THE way to go.

There has never been any doubt that having a strong customer base will not only create;

  1. a solid foundation for your business
  2. great overall retention
  3. consistent testimonies/referrals

… among other great reasons of course. And, companies thrive and exist because of customers. Sure, reps help you grow a business, larger sales team, etc. however, customers are the blood that runs through its veins.

Which leads us to this …. 

How to Build a Bigger Network Marketing Team

Most often, business builders start out their journey in network marketing, as a customer. Allowing customers to use the product without pressure to be involved in the business, allows them to have their own experience and create their own story and/or testimonial.

The two step process is this;

1. Let the customer have their own experience with the product.

2. Begin your dialogue about the business, only after they have had their chance to  experience the product. (and fall in love with them!)

This process is best implemented with your top 3-4 customers. These are customers who have experienced the most success with the products. Because of this, it becomes a safe space to approach them to upgrade to a rep and a member of your network marketing team.

Building a bigger network of people is powerful. Especially, when your ‘new builders’ come with a story. There’s no convincing them to be a ‘product of the product’ — they’re already ALL IN.

Here’s a quick sample script I share in the above video on how you can approach those customers;

Hey Brian, I just wanted to touch base with you really quickly. I know you shared with me last week that you were experiencing (1-3 benefits), with this particular product. Do you by chance know anyone else who may also benefit from these products?

This is a great way to open up the conversation and subconsciously plant in their mind, how they too could be involved in the business. It’s with regular follow up, genuine relationships, and being an attentive rep yourself that will help make this process your legacy.

Converting these customers will help you build a bigger network and one you can duplicate over and over again!


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