biggest mistakes to avoid

Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Building An Online Business

The decisions you make in your business can cause a rippled effect that can last for years to come. And, it’s likely that if those decisions are not in the best interest of your business long-term, it is probable you’ll face some issues with root causes that could have been avoided in the beginning. So, today’s post will cover 3 of the biggest mistakes to avoid when building an online business.

Please note this also applies to those of you building what is referred to as a hybrid business (online and offline). Because if you are online at all you want to avoid these preventable mistakes.

In addition to the included video, I’ll also give you a few strategies to help you along the way.

Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Building An Online Business

Entrepreneurship is risky and hard, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t meant to have an online business. Fear of failure can derail you, so be prepared to hit a few bumps in the road. It is natural to feel like you are not ready or on the other hand go all in without having the strategies.

The few mistakes I’m going to cover with you today are for those of you who are perhaps feeling busy instead of feeling productive. The goal in business is to be efficient and effective so let’s get you there.

Mistake #1

Probably the most common mistake entrepreneurs make is making it all about you. Regardless of your product or service don’t fall into the trap of making it all about YOURSELF. See, when you create content online that focuses solely on you, it puts you in the way of your customers seeing themselves in that position.

It can leave prospective customers or clients feeling that they can’t ‘get to where you are’. This is especially true in an industry where you are seeking others to join your sales team. Remember, keep the focus on your audience.

Be the Guide NOT the Hero‘.

biggest mistakes to avoid

Mistake #2

Why do most people log into Facebook or other social media platforms? Typically to be social right? So, if you are out there constantly selling to your audience you will not only start to turn people away but leave an overall poor taste in their mouthes (so to speak).

Do yourself a favor and spend more time delivering value through education and entertainment than you do selling. Because what happens is the constant sell can start to turn into desperation and/or convincing. And, I don’t know for sure but I’m going to guess you’re not in the convincing business.

People don’t want to be sold. Instead, they want to be educated enough to make their own decisions. Make the time for a solid content strategy — it can save you a ton of time long-term.

Mistake #3

The last of the biggest mistakes to avoid when building an online business is; poor time management. As I mentioned briefly above, too often people get stuck in being busy instead of productive. This is a slippery slope when building on social media because it’s super easy to get caught in endless scrolling and failing to be focusing on your business.

I’m not suggesting you don’t also take the time to enjoy social media but what I am suggesting is schedule that time accordingly. Be intentional with the time you are spending on there for your business and be mindful of the time you spend in the space for your own entertainment.

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biggest mistakes to avoid