Black Friday sales for network marketing

What NOT to do for Black Friday in your Business

Probably the biggest shopping day in the United States is Black Friday. It’s the name given to the shopping day after Thanksgiving. Typically, this day involves some pretty crazy discounts and deals, many of which can be seen to start earlier that week. But, of course, we see this same process happen a lot in most […]

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imposter syndrome network marketing

Do you Suffer from Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter syndrome is the overwhelming feeling that you don’t deserve success. It can convince you that you’re not talented, intelligent, or creative. You can also relate it to the fear of success, fear of failure or even self-sabotage. Typically, imposter syndrome shows its ugly head at the start of success; starting a new business or […]

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The Secret Formula for More Signups in your Business

People drive businesses. Whether moving a product or a service, we need people for that to be successful, right? And, more so in the network marketing space, more signups equate to larger sales teams. Larger sales teams move more products or services. So, I want to give you my ‘secret‘ formula for generating new and […]

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Facebook posts strategy for engagement

6 Facebook Posts That Will Help You Crush It

Do you find yourself tapped out of ideas? You know it’s beneficial to post regularly on Facebook, but you feel like you’ve covered it all? In this blog, I will give you six ideas for Facebook posts that will help you crush your business. These posts will help you create a content strategy overflowing with […]

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repurpose content on social media

4 Quick Ways to Repurpose your Social Media Content

Are you looking to get more out of your social media content? One of the more common questions I’m asking is, ‘should I be on platforms other than Facebook?’ My answer to this is typical — no. Let me explain; too often, people have enough trouble staying consistent on one platform, so adding another is never […]

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building relationships on social media what they don't telll you

Building Relationships | What they don’t tell you

Human beings are naturally social creatures, right? We crave friendships and positive interactions, similar to how we do things like food and water. So, it makes sense that the better our relationships are, the happier and more productive we will be. However, there is much more to building relationships than a cold message in an […]

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shorten your learning curve network marketing

Top 8 Ways to Shorten your Learning Curve

I remember when my wife Dani and I first joined network marketing (ah feels like FOREVER ago!). We thought, how hard could this be right? Well, then reality struck. I remember thinking, of course, everyone will want in on this. This is going to be easy. And this isn’t because neither of us was afraid […]

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create more engagement in your Facebook Groups

How to Create More Engagement in your Facebook Groups

Are you a network marketer who has created a Facebook Group for your customers or prospects? I’m sure it seemed a great idea at the time, right? However, does it start to feel like a ghost town vs. a rocking community? Or, maybe your group looks more like a product catalogue? Either way, you know […]

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create your story

Create your Story in Network Marketing with these 5 Tips

One of the most powerful tools in network marketing is stories. Learning how to create your story will help attract people to you and help you become relatable. Therefore, you are someone people want to spend time with. Remember, we are a relationship business. And, I know I drive this home a lot! But when you keep […]

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using video content

Should Network Marketers be Using Video in their Content?

If you are building a business online, the short answer is yes; you should use video in your content. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, I love videos, Facebook Live, stories, etc. I think it’s an incredible platform for any business and allows your customers and prospects to meet the real you. However, since […]

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