content strategy template

Creating Your Facebook Content Strategy Template

Facebook is constantly making changes to its platform, right? So, staying ahead of the game with your content strategy is key. Focus on things you can control versus what you can’t. Performing consistent audits on your Facebook profile is not only suggested it is encouraged. To help you, today we want to dive into helping […]

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6 Places to Create a New Relationship on Social Media for Business

We touched on this topic a year ago and found it was time to highlight these nuggets again. So, we’re going to dive into the obvious and not so obvious ways to find your next relationship on social media. Additionally, how to approach them. Because here’s the deal the most common obstacle for people, is recruiting. We […]

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Network Marketers Stop Sharing Quotes on Social Media

Think about the last time you scrolled your newsfeed. How many quotes did you come across? We would bet – many! And, although the inspirational and motivational quotes can be a great thing it can also hurt your brand. Now, before you start freaking out thinking – oh no! I just posted one this morning – hear us out. […]

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Facebook Stories

The Inside Scoop for Marketers and Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories. This addition to the platform originally rolled out on mobile in 2017. And, Facebook Stories made their way to desktop earlier in 2018 (in some cases). This feature now has about 150 million daily active users – sounds crazy right? Like  Instagram and Snapchat— Facebook Stories and all of the comments disappear after 24 […]

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Facebook loves

The Posts’ that Facebook Loves the Most may Shock you

Earlier this year, around February we were told that; the Facebook algorithm will prioritize ‘meaningful interactions’ from friends and family over content from brands. It has become harder than ever to get your organic content the screen time it deserves. And yet, there are clear studies that tell us what Facebook loves the most – are […]

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success secret

The Biggest Success Secret from Network Marketing Rockstars

We live in a society filled by constant distractions. There are unlimited things floating around us at all times that can take our attention, and often the ones that scream the loudest win. Unfortunately, a lot of those loud ones are unproductive in their entirety to your business. However, that is unless you can turn […]

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more engagement

3 Simple Principles to Get More Engagement on Facebook

I don’t need more engagement on Facebook – said no one ever! Everyone loves engagement. And, the more — the better. Primarily, because we can make a loose parallel that more engagement could equate to more sales. This goes for anyone in any industry. Especially however, in network marketing. More engagement on posts helps with […]

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Self-Care as an Entrepreneur Shouldn’t be Optional

For many of us, our business is about putting others first. Helping others fulfill their needs and achieve their goals, right? There are few feelings better than knowing that you have helped another person grow. Or, earn an extra income, and all things in between. But what happens when this becomes the norm? And when […]

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network marketing coaching

The Truth about why we Walked Away from Network Marketing

First, we think it’s important to start with what is Network Marketing? Network marketing can be lucrative if you take the time to do (at least) a couple things; Take the time to look into the opportunity. This includes the company, the potential sponsor, the commitment it will require from you, and so on. Evaluating […]

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network marketing mistake

This Network Marketing Mistake is Costing you Money

Social media marketing has become a must-do for businesses and network marketers. Yet, many people are making errors that are holding back their growth and giving the edge to their ‘competitors’. If you are knew to the industry, or getting back to the basics, you’ve probably burnt out your warm market. You have probably made […]

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