Dealing with drama in your business

How to Deal with Drama in your Business

Network marketing is a relationship business. Therefore, there will be people with strong personalities who will disagree at times. And guess what? That’s OK! Diversity can bring strength in and of itself. However, how you deal with drama is essential. Some might like to think it is one of those things that if you ignore […]

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creating your personal brand

Getting Started: Creating your Personal Brand

You know that creating your personal brand is essential. But, like many others in network marketing or direct sales, you’re not sure where to start. I am not a branding expert so to speak; however, I have a great handle on what works getting started (and keeping one going and growing!). It’s funny when I […]

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Find Yourself Overcommitted to your Business?

Do you ever find yourself overcommitted to your business? Ever find that you look at your calendar and feel a sense of ‘ugh,’ overwhelm or frustration about the lack of space? Forget about taking time with your family at your favorite spots or having lunch with your spouse at your favorite Mexican restaurant. Instead, you […]

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build better relationships

5 Ways to Build Better Relationships on Facebook

Whether the relationships be professional or personal, we can all stand to learn how to improve upon them, right? See, we know that network marketing is primarily based on this ideology (relationship marketing, after all), so wouldn’t it be in your best interest to learn how to build better relationships? Especially when dealing with a […]

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Facebook tips for network marketing

Facebook tips for Network Marketing

If you are a network marketer and haven’t unlocked the social media world yet – this post is for you. I will cover 6 of my CRAZIEST Facebook tips for Network Marketing in this post. Like any tip, you need to take action on them to work. Consistency will continually cultivate results. Mixed with a […]

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not recruiting in your business

3 Reasons you are Not Recruiting New People

It is no secret that recruiting or, instead, introducing and launching new distributors to your business can be incredibly lucrative. And this includes upfront in terms of bonuses and also in the long-term to grow exponentially. In addition, we know that the larger the sales team, the larger the sales volume — usually. What’s interesting is […]

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genuine conversations

7 Tips to having more Genuine Conversations

I recently asked what people would like to learn more specifically for growing their business. One of the constant comments that arose was surrounding conversations. These included genuine conversations, transition to business from personal, closing, etc. And, I get it. There’s nothing worse than having a great conversation with someone, and then they turn around […]

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building network marketing part-time business

How to Make the Most out of Your Part-Time Business

You are venturing into the world of entrepreneurship and starting it as a part-time business basis. I get it. You are probably dreaming of having a successful full-time business, right? The time freedom, the ability to say ‘yes when your child asks you for something or being able to travel the world! I believe you will get […]

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engagement strategies

8 Engagement Strategies for your Business

Are you interested in attracting more eyeballs to your content? We know by now that content is crucial, right? However, we need people to see it! And so, long gone are the days where you can get away  with posting things like ‘hey, I am looking for five dedicated women!’ Not only do they not work — but […]

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repurpose old social media content

Repurposing Old Social Media Content

We know by now how important quality content is for your brand and your business, right? And although we ‘know’ this, it doesn’t change that content can start to feel like a burden. Perhaps you find yourself running out of new ideas or any ideas at all! After all, what about the old social media […]

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