Facebook Comments and Engagement

How to Boost your Facebook Comments and Engagement in 2021

Ever feel like there’s no way you can build a business on Facebook because it’s already saturated in your niche? Maybe you feel like it’s the same people, all the time without anyone new? Perhaps you feel like the algorithm hates you and engagement is just awful and it isn’t going to get better. Be it video views, Facebook comments or shares — you are just doomed.

Well guess what?

In 2020, Facebook grew by another 11%. Read that again.

Imagine a company the size of Facebook continuing to grow year after year by double digits … and you’re worried about it being saturated — think again.

Few Facebook Fun Facts …


Currently, based on educated estimates, there are 1.86 Billion monthly active users on the platform. And, the average user is spending an hour+ a day on the platform — everyday. In addition to that, the estimate is there are 4 billion posts that are published daily.

No surprise why I focus so much on content, right?

And since we’re on the content note for a moment — content is crucial, period.

Therefore, in this post I want to share with you my top ways to help boost your engagement; increased Facebook comments, more visual shares, etc.

Tip #1 — Remind people to Follow you First!


Ever wonder why the ‘follow and see first’ (some profiles show it ;as mark as favorite’) button exists on your profile? Encourage your followers to select this! Whether it be in a graphic on your profile, a gentle reminder in a Live video or even a soft call to action (CTA) in a post — remind them!

This way when you post new content on your page you will show up first in their newsfeed. This option should also satisfy the notifications for live content and stories too.

It may feel a little odd asking people to do this but it will only feel odd to you not to them.

Tip #2 Create and Post More Videos


Throughout 2020, and we don’t expect much change into 2021, is that videos continue to receive the highest level of traffic on Facebook. Users are already watching more than 100 million hours of video content each day!

Since they’re watching anyways — it may as well be yours, right?

What research has also found is videos draw a larger number of Facebook comments than any other general content published.

(numbers are slightly different for intentional content published in narrative formats – stories still sell)

Additionally, Facebook Live continues to generate 3-4X more engagement than other video content published. It would appear that users are becoming more familiar (or conditioned to) leaving Facebook comments and aren’t nearly as shy to hit that share button where they have been in past.

In other words, use video when you can to boost your engagement.

Tip #3 Give Engagement to Receive Engagement


Every user on Facebook is working with the same hand that you are. Their platform is the same; appearance, options, and algorithm. So, instead of complaining about lower views or reduced engagement — do something about it.

Now there seems to be some confusion about what giving engagement means.

Because it doesn’t mean scrolling the newsfeed and slapping a ‘Like’ on everything. In fact doing that, hurts your algorithm more than it helps you. Facebook is a social platform — it wants to see you being social with other users especially, your existing friends and followers.

Facebook Comments could be your Holy Grail


OK, maybe a little dramatic but hear me out.

Have you ever realized that once you’ve commented on someone’s content it’s often reciprocated soon thereafter? It appears that way with good reason — your comment gives the algorithm a little shove once it realizes you 2 actually DO engage with each other.

Each time you comment (more than a couple words) you might be surprised the newsfeeds’ you start popping back into. Ever find yourself seeing a post on your feed and then thinking to yourself — wow I haven’t seen their stuff in ages!

It’s not because they stopped sharing, it’s because you both stopped engaging!

Only way to fix that is to engage. And, it really is that simple.


Facebook comments are not only valuable when it comes to shoving the algorithm in your favor … when you take time to offer a suggestion, solution, perspective or otherwise — genuinely and authentically — on someone’s post, you will garner attention.


Because humans are nosey (basically) your well thought out comment could attract a whole lot more eyeballs than you’d expect.

Find causes you are passionate about.

This might include pages, groups, influencers, etc.

Check out the posts and comment sections … where can YOU add value? Or another option is to find Facebook content that aligns with your products and/or business. How can you offer value without sounding like a sales pitch?

Think outside the box.

Sell skin care? Find page on blemishes.

Provide weight loss shakes? Find a page on people looking at getting healthy.

Distribute hair care products? Find a page on people experiencing thinning hair.

Discover where these pages are and bring your expertise to the platform. These are excellent opportunities for you to position yourself as the expert and THAT is some powerful stuff.

Win with your existing friends by engaging on their content and, win with a cold audience by bringing your value to the space. There is nothing magic about it — the magic is in you doing it and then reaping its benefits.

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