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Brand Yourself in Network Marketing and NOT your Company

Consider this statement: Branding is a long-term strategy. Now, think about whether you agree with it or not. What we want to suggest is this; start (or continue) to brand yourself and not your company. Although your intentions of a long-term strategy with your company are present, after a recent poll in our Facebook community it was clear this isn’t always the case.

brand yourself

The average of the 100+ responses was 3 companies.

Now, there were a few names who had been with their current company more than 10+ years — and that is phenomenal. However, changing companies isn’t always a bad thing.

There are a variety of reasons that people are forced to make a change.

Reasons include;

  1. Company closed its doors
  2. The alignment wasn’t there anymore
  3. The company didn’t support social media marketing

… and many other reasons as you can imagine. 

So, although the intentions of being with the same company ‘forever’ was there — things change. Some of those reasons are dynamic (you can change them) and others are static (you can’t). And, whatever the case is the end result was a change. Therefore, you spent months even years branding a company and you find yourself in this place of change. Or, you haven’t made a change but all your social media following knows you for is the amazing Tupperware you sell.

Network Marketing is in the Business of Relationships

Right? Be Susan, not the Tupperware lady. Own Mike, not the Keto guy.

[we should add we like Tupperware and Keto, but we love Susan and Mike]

People do business with who they know, like and trust. And as the industry continues to evolve it is up to you as a professional to elevate your skill sets and embrace what you do. You can do this by offering your very best to every potential prospect that comes your way!

How do your Brand Yourself?

First and foremost your brand may not be what your think it is. It’s not your logo, your color scheme, or how well design your Facebook page. Your brand is actually your name, your face, your message, what you stand for, and the value you bring to the marketplace. So sure, the colors and designs are all part of your brand message — but you my friend are the brand.

Everyday, we are pitched different opportunities in our inbox on Facebook. In many cases, we can sense the excitement of the person making the pitch — but nothing they have done is different than the rest. When we see the same social media posts all down our timeline, the only difference maker would be who posted it instead of the post itself.

Whereas the reality is, we won’t even notice the post because it simply blends in with the rest of them.

This is why learning to brand yourself is the difference maker.

Brand Definition: The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products .

Much of the content we bring you, revolves around strategy. Learning to brand yourself is no different. What is your brand strategy? Alternatively, you might be asking ‘what is a brand strategy?’.

A brand strategy is the ‘how, what, where, when and to who’ you plan on communicating and delivering your brand messages. Where you advertise (free or paid) is part of your brand strategy. Your distribution channels (your team) are also part of your brand strategy. And what you communicate visually and verbally (social media posts, videos, etc) is part of your brand strategy, too.

Because here’s the deal — those who love the message you put out; value, content, ideas, etc. to some degree are buying into your brand message. The likelihood of this happening is 10X more likely than them ‘buying’ into a network marketing company brand. Why? Because those brands are more times than not, generic or impersonal. Their strategy is far different from yours — you, can be more intentional with your reach and who you want to work with.

You are invested in your customers results.

Your investment in both your customers and team members success is much different than that of a large corporate company. And listen, we have amazing friends at or in the corporate world — and we know they are invested in their distributors, etc. but their volume of people and commitment to each unique need is much different.

brand yourself

Primary Action Steps to Brand Yourself (and not your company)

By taking the time to learn how to brand yourself you will  make it easier for people to like you, trust you and reach out to you. Here are steps to brand yourself to help you get started.

Action Step #1 — What are you about?

The network marketing company that you are working with has something that they stand for but you need to define what you stand for. Why are you in this business? Why do you care about helping others? What motivates you to work in your business? The heart of your marketing and how you interact with people lies in what you stand for. Once you identify and more importantly — define this, it will be a lot easier to stand out.

Action Step #2 — How are you different?

Another way to identify differences between you and others in network marketing is that you are different from others – but how? Do you have experience that makes you different? Do you have a certain approach that helps you stand out? Are you super organized? Exceptionally personable? Have a skill you can teach? Even if you can’t think of anything that you’re especially good at, pick something and run with it! Keep the focus of making an impact — and make it happen!

Action Step #3 — Share how you are different

Once you have established the basics, it’s time to make sure that people know about it. One of the best ways to do brand yourself is to be personal. Share through your videos or social media posts about your vision, direction and excitement how you’re different than others. Over time you’ll be able to craft a real consistency of your personal brand, and stick to it.

Action Step #4 — Sharing is caring

This step will make it easy for you to communicate your brand through Facebook and other social media. Find resources and interesting content to share with others that fits into your vision and passion. Through your sharing, people will be able to identify who you are and understand what you’re about.

Collectively, all of these things will add up to branding yourself — and who you are.

Overall, branding yourself should be the goal. Companies will come and go, but you are forever. Sure, you will grow and develop over time and your brand will grow with you. In fact your journey can be incredibly inspiring for others. Because, by sharing it you are bringing your audience and potential prospects on the journey with you.

With the hope that it is a journey they will want to join you on one day.

Have you started branding yourself? What are some key things that have worked for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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