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6 Tips How to Build your Network Marketing Business on a Budget

Building a business or brand can come with a heavy price ticket. However, it doesn’t need to! There are a variety of ways that you can build a solid business without a large budget. After all, you have jumped into a company, likely bought some products and/or services and the goal right away is earn it back, right? At the very least, putting yourself in a position to earn it back.

In our opinion, there are a ton of budget hacks you can do which will in turn allow you any extra funds for attending events and/or personal development.

Can you Really Build a Business on a Budget?

Absolutely you can! And, we’re living proof of it. In this post, our goal is to share with you some of the best ways to;

  1. Deliver your message to the masses on a dime
  2. Effective ways to pour back into your business
  3. Resources/Tools hacks we love
  4. Places to market, for absolutely free

The best part about learning to master building on a budget?

It is totally something you can teach your team to do too. Because sure, some people love all the bells and whistles but let’s be honest those things are reserved for a certain ‘status’ of business owner. We want to equip you with the things that someone brand new can do right away without additional investments (expenses).

Now, we definitely believe in order to grow your business that making investments along the way are important. However, right out of the gate or getting to a position of consistent income is no problem on a budget. In fact, we know many successful network marketers who stay on a budget (outside of attending events and coaching).

The difference though, is being afforded the choices.

6 Tips to Build your

Network Marketing Business on a Budget

The following strategies are ones that may require an investment of your time, but very little (or none at all) investment of your money. And, we should be prepared to get in there with a little elbow grease starting out anyways, right? Just keep in mind that the return on your investment (ROI) will be worth it. We don’t always see the results or fruits of labor right away, but with consistency and belief they will happen.

Offer Valuable and Free Information on your Social Media

Chances are you are probably already doing this step and if you aren’t, this one is for you! People do business with those they know, like and trust, right? Even if it is only on the surface. The best way to capture those prospects are through attraction marketing, consistent efforts, and authenticity.

And, social media is super budget-friendly — it’s free!

Do yourself a favor and start getting consistent on social media. We, prefer Facebook but whatever your social media platform of choice is make your time on it count. Set a schedule for yourself and map out some content that you will deliver daily to your audience.

Be a Valuable Contributor to Other People’s Communities

This can include social media like Facebook Groups, forums, blogs, and all things in between. The goal I positioning yourself as an expert in your niche. The communities you join should be ones that are about things you like;

  • animals
  • wellness
  • foodies
  • sports

… and so on.

Go in with the goal of making connections. Have open conversation with people who have common interests as you. Maybe it’s a parenting group and you have great tips on managing meal time with tons of kids – think outside of the box here. And, the group or community doesn’t need to have anything to do with your business. Where the alignment happens is making those genuine connections based on a mutual interest.

Create a Google Business Account

All you need for this is a Gmail account. When registering for a Google Business, this will help your information be found locally. So, let’s assume you have a hair care business and reside in Ohio. When someone goes to Google and types in hair care near me, your listing will appear. It will prompt you for a physical address in most cases and what we typically recommend is using the closest post office box address for example. The listing will allow you to include your phone number, email and website so that people can connect with you.

Guest Blog/Post on Popular Websites in your Niche

Whether you have a blog or not, there are massive communities of bloggers in all niches out there. And, many are open to having people guest blog or post for them. This strategy is a great way to gain exposure in someone else’s audience, in an industry you are well versed in. Keep in mind, many of the top authority sites aren’t always the easiest to get into — but find a local blogger to you or reach out on WordPress we are pretty confident someone will give you a chance. And, when you guest blog on other sites, more often than not they allow you to include your business name and contact information — free advertising is always a win!

Ask for Reviews and Referrals

Customer testimonies are among the most powerful advertising and marketing strategies to ever exist. Do not overlook this when you are helping a new customer or even team members. You can ask for a video or written testimonial and they can be about your product/service of even just you!

There are great for sharing in prospect groups or ones about you specifically are great content ideas for your own personal social media. There is great credibility in reviews, it’s why we see many popular sites use testimonials right on the first page and typically offer an entire review section. Make sure asking for these reviews and referrals are part of your plan.

Network – Online or Offline

Networking has been more commonly done offline and in our opinion still an effective strategy. Find a couple hours a month even and find your way to a local meet up or networking event. These are relationships you can bring online with ease, and that underlying trust already exists because you’ve ‘met’. Networking events are generally inexpensive and should fit with ease into a limited budget.

Secondly, when networking online this can be done in forums, communities, groups, and so on. These can be a little bit more time consuming than attending an in person event, but you never know where these people may lead you to as well. Your network determines your net worth.

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