How to Build Your Business With a Full Time Job and Kids

Build your Business With a Full Time Job and Kids

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Potentially a loaded topic – you may even be thinking it’s not possible. I want to assure you IT IS totally possible to build your business with a full time job and kids. Great news huh? Let me explain.

For many in the network marketing profession, building their business generally ‘happens’ in their “spare time.” Majority of network marketers have full-time jobs, children to take care of and find themselves with limited amounts of time to actually work their business. As you can imagine, this can often be a difficult task and can lead to difficulties finding or maintaining balance and prioritizing activities to best serve the overall vision and goal.

In today’s training, you will learn how to build your business with a full time job and kids

I would love to take a moment and share with you a little personal side to me, and how this is a topic that rings true in our household. My wife and I  have three amazing kids and work our businesses from home full time. I believe the insight I’m about to share can positively impact your life, family and business if applied consistently in your own lives. Simply, because we’re living it.

Here is a quote we personally remind ourselves of daily;

“You must be willing to do things today others won’t do, in order to have the things tomorrow others won’t have.” – Les Brown

I want to encourage you to sacrifice the things that aren’t benefiting you, so to speak, and shift that same energy and time into building a business, building a life, you deserve. It is why you started in the profession initially, isn’t it?

Do you want more time to build your business?

Are you currently working full time and struggling to find time to build your business?

Did you know the average person in North America, watches 2.7 hours of television per day? Now, having said that, I’m not sure where you fall into this statistic, but if you do fall in there more or less, I promise you this will definitely not help you build your network marketing business while attempting to balance your work and home life.

A powerful way of seeing this statistic in real time, is that North Americans waste nearly three hours a day, watching television.

Eliminating this wasted time is an example to help you realize that you do have the time to build your business, if you really want to. You must decide what’s most important to you…catching up on all of your favorite television shows, or building your business to achieve the level of success and freedom that you dream about.

In today’s video, I’m going to share with you how to build your business with a full time job and kids, even if you are putting in 12-16 hour days.

Are you fired up now?

Realize that it’s time to do WHAT it takes to get this done! I believe you understand this is going to take some sacrifice, but only in the short term. We must do a little bit everyday to move our personal growth and business forward, and know that it’s possible.

After reading this blog post, you should now know exactly how to build your network marketing business with a full time job and kids. (for youtube video click here)

Here’s a quick recap of the information we covered:

  1. Turn the TV off (wasted time)
  2. Do a little bit everyday (consistency)
  3. Small sacrifices now, equal BIG rewards later (short term pain for long term gain)


If you got value from this information, we would love for you to drop a comment below and share this post with your team on how you CAN build your business with a full time job and kids!