Build Your Network Marketing Business on Social Media

Build Your Network Marketing Business On Social Media

Today, and in the following video, I am hoping for permission to be real with you. Many of you are looking to build your network marketing business on social media, and the truth is, it’s likely you’ve been doing it wrong. Understand the two words of the profession you’re a part of!

The word network means connect with people, build relationships. Too often this is skipped when using social media to build network marketing businesses. Maybe you spoke to 15 new people today, and hey that’s wonderful, now do it again tomorrow, and the next day after that. Because one thing we’ve learned is the work you do today could take up to 90 days to come to fruition.

It’s all part of the word ‘work’ also found in our profession. Having said that, the rewards are more than worth it. I think back to when my wife and I were building our last company that we eventually worked our way to the top of, and there were a lot of hours, days, weeks even that went in before the benefits rolled in.

Similar to the saying, if you’re not prepared to plant, don’t expect the harvest.

Marketing means be creative. We’ve been seeing so much of the copy and paste statuses and messages provided by leaders, or sponsors, etc. The truth is, they’re probably doing you more harm than good. Marketing also means communicating, providing value for your network – remember the people you should be out there connecting with daily? Those people.

These things need to happen if you want to build your network marketing business on social media.

If you want to have massive success in your business, by using social media, you have to understand branding, which is all part and parcel of marketing – who are you really branding when you spam your company, or copy others words?

Why do people think they can just skip the most important part of the process?

It’s like a hall pass when you want to build your network marketing business on social media – people just skip the basics. Where in reality, the basics is often where the magic happens.

Sounds familiar? I may have called some of us out.

  • I’m looking for 5 more people join my business
  • I am so close to my next promotion can you help me?
  • Can you use some extra money before [insert holiday]
  • I only have room for 3 more people!

This is not networking, and this is not marketing. If the goal is to build your network marketing business on social media, I might even go as far as calling it terrible, because what these things say about your company, or our profession as a whole, screams ‘hey friends, I’m looking to make a quick buck off you today’, or ‘hey desperate for that sign up’.

Ask yourself these few things

  1. Who are you?
  2. How do you want to be perceived by your ‘following’?
  3. What do you want others to know you for?

There are right and wrong ways to market your network marketing business on social media, and frankly, times have changed. A lot of the information being provided today is dated material, I mean it’s hard to believe copy and paste messages and all the other shenanigans worked at some point, but the bottom-line is, they don’t anymore.

Be you, that’s what is going to attract people to you. 

Is it worth learning how to do it the right way? Sure it is. You deserve it.

And I believe in you.

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Build your network marketing business on social media




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