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3 Ways To Start Building An Audience On Social Media Today!

We know that social media can work absolute wonders for your business. But, before you can truly capture and harness that power, it’s important to start building an audience on social media. In this post I am going to give you 3 ways to start doing that as early as today!

Before I dive into these 3 ways however, PLEASE do yourself a huge favor and make sure you have completed your customer avatar. In order to deliver the right content and execute a strategy that works, you need to know who you’re speaking to.

Create multiple ones if you need to as well.

Give them;

  1. names
  2. backstories
  3. interests


This is always a good method of getting inside the heads of your customer base, and can be especially effective for social media marketing because…

Different social media networks attract different users.


Once you know who you’re trying to reach, the rest will feel totally simplified and one hundred percent possible. This matters, because when we set out with huge expectations without having set the ground work it can be frustrating. Let’s avoid that unnecessary frustration.

Start Building an Audience on Social Media Breakdown


You’ve got your customer avatar(s) in hand and now it’s time to set your strategy on building an audience on social media. Please note: This can be used for any social media platform. I do recommend focusing on one primarily and invest a small amount of time repurposing that content on others if you want to.

I know things can be confusing when it feels like there are new platforms popping up all over, right? But, over the years I can tell you that I have worked with a ton of clients who have built six-figure incomes solely using one platform.

This first strategy probably won’t come as much of a surprise …

Regularly Add Content


Make this a non-negotiable. Content rules the house … Think about the content that you can create to serve your customer avatar in relation to your business. Brainstorm different tips and tricks you can deliver consistently. Now, consider where you’re sharing this dynamite content.

I know many people are hosting their own groups or are active participants in others and that’s great. Don’t however lose sight of posting your content publicly as a means to building an audience on social media specific to you.

There are a TON of great posts on this site with different content suggestions, strategies, etc. Definitely take the time to check those out if you’re in need of a little content creation push.

Love on your Audience!


As you work on building an audience on social media do not forget to love on the people who are choosing to hang out with you already. You might be surprised how excited people can become when you show them a little interest. Think about people in the social media world that you look up to. How do you feel when they reply to a comment you’ve left or use your comment in their own content creation. (user generated content is POWERFUL stuff!)

Additionally, focus on having a minimum of 10 new conversations every day. When you open up new conversations consistently with your audience, this does a couple of important things’

  1. When you engage in messenger, they will see more of your content on their timeline and,
  2. When you open new conversations daily, this keeps your funnel overflowing instead of those stagnant moments we can sometimes find ourselves in.


Make a commitment to show some regular love to your audience — thank them for being there and keep giving them more of the content they are showing you they love the most.

Now, who doesn’t LOVE a Great Story?


Storytelling is among the most relatable and effective content you can put out there. Sure celebrating your ‘time freedom’, vacationing or the wonderful memories you’ve created are one thing … But, people love a ‘mess to message’ story, too!

This isn’t about airing your dirty laundry either.

This is about showing people what’s possible, your journey, obstacles you’ve overcome, etc. When she share our own stories within our content — people can relate and their own vision will start to expand.

In the above video I give you a challenge that I hope you will take on — be sure to tune in and let me know in the comments if you’ve accepted it!

Building an audience on social media can feel like a daunting task … but once you build these 3 ways into your DMO’s you will be so thankful you did. Can’t wait to see how many lives you will impact in the next 30, 60 or 90 days.

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building an audience on social media