Give what you Expect from Every Business Relationship

Every business relationship you have with your customers and/or team members is demonstrated in your success. They are the focal point, the purpose and they are in alignment with who you are. If your relationships are poor, it’s likely your business isn’t thriving (truth bomb, right?).

When your relationships are strong, your business is often thriving. Or, at least moving forward.

You create a customer by marketing a need to them and, it is about turning a potential into an actual—and then fulfill the need through a product or service.

Nurturing them is a continuous process and not an end.


This need for fulfillment creates a situation where the customer comes back to you over and over again to seek further fulfillment. Consistently fulfilling a need is what creates a long-term relationship and its a result, a long-term sustainable business.

Let’s touch on the foundation.

Through network marketing, you create an expectation and through the product (or service) you fulfill—or exceed—the expectation. You also create the potential for trust (this is important) and through the product you create what you can call, tangible trust.  

The more often you create this cycle, the stronger the relationship becomes. This isn’t something to run from, but rather embrace. Trust is the golden key to all successful, healthy, business relationships.

Give what you Expect from Every Business Relationship


Productive business relationships require give and take – not a one-way half-hearted effort.

  1. Offer and deliver help
  2. Connect people with each other
  3. Share valuable information


Only then will you feel satisfaction and find others willing to respond when you need help. 

Spend time with your most ‘plugged in’ customers, your most productive team members, and leaders who can make the most difference to your organization. These relationships will generate returns in the immediate future in addition to the long run.

Avoid the trap of idle discussions.


Although our intentions are in the right place, these conversations are not productive and can be huge time wasters.

Build a tribe of relationships with people who have shared beliefs, interests, and goals. Collaborating with them on solving shared problems will turn them into an engaged audience and make them your most powerful allies in building other relationships.

Customers are continuing to place more and more value on the relationship they have with businesses. They want you to show that you care enough about them that the products you share live up to what you told them.

Really, the same thing(s) anyone would want out of any relationship, right?

Push yourself to go beyond people in your warm markets, and those you know well. The more you focus on connecting with people you align with, the stronger your business prospecting will become.

This happens for a couple of reasons;

  1. meeting new people
  2. taking you out of your comport zone (we know the magic often happens outside of that zone)

Impact Playbook

The Power in a Word-of-Mouth Relationship


These days, companies who go above and beyond simply ensuring satisfaction stand out and are more likely to be referred via word of mouth. For example, including a handwritten note with a delivery is a great touch that will not go unnoticed.

Or, the simple things like a voice note on a birthday or anniversary are other incredible ways to show people you took time out of your day to care about them.

Reciprocity is real in both a new and existing relationship. Never lose sight of that!


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