Characteristics of an Influencer and why this should Matter

An influencer is someone who leads some type of movement based on;

  1. passion and,
  2. loyal support of their niche community.

What can look like it happened overnight, an influencer can inspire a smaller idea or project into a change for the greater good — in their lives and the lives of others.

Influence is not something you are simply born with, it is a learned and acquired skill. And like most things, this can change and evolve overtime.

What are the Characteristics of an Influencer?

To excel in the current influencer space, you don’t need a fancy degree. You also don’t need to know any celebrities. And you don’t need to have a ton of money. What you do need though is to learn from other influencers. Specifically, about their personality traits and apply their leadership style to your own life.

So what are those characteristics anyways?

Let’s start with Trust

Trust is an essential quality that all influencers must possess. And you will probably agree that trust is pivotal in the relationships you build in your own network marketing business. Influencers who are considered authentic and credible by their ‘followers’ gain this trust by being open, honest and transparent.

Transparency is so key.

If they lack this very important trait, the audience either doesn’t ‘come’ or, they lose the connection with an existing one. And let’s be honest, without the power of the masses, influencers hold very little leverage, right?

Knowledge is Key

Influencers are experts in their field to some degree. They possess specific knowledge and skills based on experience  in a particular area. They may also possess expertise in a certain area of study or product as well.

Because they consistently provide high quality and valuable information on a specific topic, their opinions on particular topics matter and hold weight with their audience. For example, let’s assume you are an ‘expert’ on creative hairstyles and the product you represent is hair care. If you provide consistent value to your audience about things they want to know about when it comes to hair — showing cool styles and fancy up do’s, the moment you suggest a product they’re all about it.

This can and will take time, but this is where consistency and being well versed on the topic is important.

The Need to Help Others

This, fuels them. Influencers are passionate about what they do and what they believe in. Their excitement and enthusiasm in providing valuable information to help others and solve problems keeps people interested and coming back for more.

Consider that your product offerings are and work backwards. Ask yourself questions like what do people want to know where this product (or service) could help them. Let’s assume you are a distributor for a weight loss product and you consistently deliver value to your audience based on better health choices, great snack ideas or ways to exercise more.

When you give people simple solutions to their pain points, you become the go-to when your small suggestions, work. This helps you develop the trust, using your knowledge. And, as we explained above in those two sections — this is key to facilitating that need to help.

Creating and Building a Strong Vision

Vision is a huge component to the growth and influence of influencers. They are able to see and in turn paint a vision for themselves and others. They build their big vision over time while creating smaller projects along the way.

To put this simply, your big vision is your end goal.

To get there, discover your vision and stick to it at all costs. Influencers do not let anyone or anything get in the way of their vision. They go big and then deliver consistent social proof to the masses. And while they are executing their vision, when done successfully, people will buy into the vision or, want to be a part of it in some way.

Humility and Staying Humble

What good is all that passion if the influencer isn’t going to use it to engage with their audience? It is often the demise of an influencer when they lose tough of where they once started. Gary Vaynerchuk is a prime example of this. He is consistently connecting with his followers and he is consistently rewarded for that.

A good influencer actively engages with their audience.

This doesn’t mean the audience needs to be huge, though that has its own benefits, right? If an influencer keeps an active and consistent schedule and takes the time to comment, share, and like on social media to keep the conversation going, this is HUGE!

If you want people talking about you and/or your brand, you need to be someone who is going to talk to the people.

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

The power of positive thinking is super contagious. Are you a glass half full or half empty type of person? Go ahead, ask yourself that. A winning mindset means you can find the bright light or silver lining in a ‘darker’ situation. And, you move through any circumstances with a positive attitude, even if there are hard lessons to learn.

After all, it’s the lessons that often teach us the most.

Final Thoughts

The success of an influencer largely depends on these characteristics.

Make sure your posts are real, genuine and authentic. Reach out to your target audience, and maintain a high engagement rate. The consistency of social media posts is also a crucial indicator when creating your influencer plan or strategy.

Do you know of any other characteristics marketers should consider when looking for influencers? Please feel free to comment with your suggestions and tips below!

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