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How to Choose a Network Marketing Company

Choosing the right network marketing company will not guarantee success. But, it will increase your odds. Ultimately, your success in the industry is determined by what you do. It is all about building a network of people who will buy the products or services you are selling.

Frankly, your ‘job’ in network marketing is simple;

  1. Share information about the business (peaking curiosity)
  2. Answer questions (and objections)
  3. Make the sale (retailing versus recruiting)
  4. Follow up using customer care
  5. Sponsor and recruit new distributors
  6. Train your team
  7. Support its growth

Additionally, your excitement and enthusiasm will make all the tasks much easier and more enjoyable. And, you will be able to maintain that excitement if you’re working for a company you truly believe in.

You want to feel secure that the company will be around for many years to come. This will allow you to build a legacy for you and your family.

network marketing company

Choosing the right network marketing company

When you are introduced to an opportunity to make money, it is natural to get excited and even tempted to jump in right away. Because really, who doesn’t like to make more money? And sure, there is more to the industry than earning more income but we can probably agree that making more money can hep facilitate those other things too, right?

A decent majority of network marketers and direct sales consultants stumbled their way into the industry. It may have been a product they purchased and were later introduced to the opportunity. Or, a family member approached them and asked for support. Whatever the case is, they found their way.

This might even be your story.

On the other hand, you may already be involved in network marketing and are looking for a new company. Your current one may be closing its doors (it happens), or you love the industry just not so much your company any longer.

Whatever the case is, in this post we want to share with you things to consider when choosing a network marketing company.

Not every company is created equally…

We believe that finding the right network marketing company won’t dictate whether you will be rich or successful. Ultimately, YOU are the most important part of that success equation. You can succeed or you can fail in any company.

Every business  has people succeeding and people failing.

However, working with the right company is going to make your life a lot easier.

It is going to make the experience more enjoyable, and you are probably going to get much better results in your business as a result.

4 Questions to Consider when Choosing a Network Marketing Company

The Demand for the Products or Services 

First and foremost — what are they? Are the products and/or services something that everyone (or a decent number of people) will want and/or need long term? We mentioned ‘long term’ because one of the amazing things about a network marketing company is the residual income side of things.

So, let’s take the health and wellness industry for example. Are the products offered, ones that someone will need to repurchase monthly? Consider evaluating the customer lifespan. If the product or service is one that operates on a one time sale, this is something you want to know because it would require new customers and/or distributors all the time.

And, that’s OK — just important to know beforehand.

Secondly when it comes to the products are they truly offered at the network marketing promise, price point?

Cutting out the ‘Middle-Man’ for Lower Costs

An attractive feature for people in the industry is being able to purchase goods at wholesale pricing. Because, our foundation involves eliminating the big box stores and being able to receive them right from the distributor. Make sure that the network marketing company you are exploring is true to that model. Starting a new venture based on overpriced products and services is not going to help you sell them.

Lastly, are you excited about the products? Can you stand behind them? Be passionate about them? Sell them with conviction? Although this was the last point in this section, it may even be more the most important one.

The Company’s Reputation and Leadership 

First, how long has the company been in business? Some people are excited with startup ventures where others prefer that a company have some years in the game. And, that is a personal preference — but one to consider in our opinion before getting started.

In reference to leadership — who are the leaders in the company? This should include the corporate team and the field leaders in our opinion. Sure, the company component is important because of technical things like infrastructure, debt, back office, etc. but you want to make sure the leaders are people who align with you.

And, your goals.

The only caution we would like to include is, when you are doing your research be mindful where it is coming from. There is a ton of reviews, good and bad, available online. Having said that much of that content is also third party. So, use common sense — bad reviews are often written by distributors who left due to a variety of reasons. And, not to say they weren’t justified but take third party review sites with a grain of salt.

Connect with those are actively in the company, the customer service, the leaderships, company calls, public records, etc.

network marketing company

Building your Business on Social Media

This might sound silly, in this day and age but it couldn’t be more true. There are plenty of policies when it comes to social media and building your business online. If your intention is to build your network marketing company on social media platforms — know these ‘rules’.

Most companies now have clear expectations, do’s and don’ts that include social media.

Now, we believe if you are building your business the right way in places like Facebook, then you should not have an issues. Having said that, there are way too many companies to know each of their rules — so be sure to inquire about them.

There would be nothing worse than finding the BEST network marketing company for you to be a part of only to find out that they do not support this type of building. In our Social Impacter Society group on Facebook we teach network marketers how to build their businesses the right way — and to date, our members have been in compliance (to our knowledge).

Training and Resources Available

When you are exploring different network marketing companies, have a look at what training and resources are available. You may learn this information from someone in the company, perhaps on the network marketing company website, or elsewhere.

Having the right tools and resources in place from the beginning will only help you start off strong. And, tools and resources aren’t always tangible things either. They could speak to webinars, or team training calls. Perhaps they are a collection of videos to share with prospects or Getting Started packages.

Regardless, know what they are. Because, this may be a new venture for you (or those you recruit) and you want to make sure that these bases are covered.

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Final Thoughts on Choosing a Network Marketing Company

Above all else, be passionate with what you are about to embark on.

Evaluate what will make the most sense for you and your family. Ask questions, try the products (or services), speak with others in the company, etc. When you choose a network marketing company it is a commitment. Having said that, you will learn so much more along the way. And, when you have made an investment (big or small) you have more to win (or lose) as you go.

But, it is your passion and your ‘why’ that will keep you going, even if things get a little tough.

Finally, we would love to hear about how you made your choice to join a network marketing company and any words of wisdom to share with others is awesome! We hope that you have found this post helpful and will share where it will matter, most.

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