choose the right network marketing company

How to Choose the Right Network Marketing Company

Ever watched the show, The Profit with Marcus Lemonis? In short, he advises struggling entrepreneurs who need help rebooting their business. Using his years of experience and often investing his own money, Lemonis empowers the business owners to find innovative ways to rescue or grow their company. Needless to say — I’m a fan. And so much so that I believe you can apply his 3 primarily principles for choosing the right network marketing company.

People. Products. Process. 

… the Right Network Marketing Company


There are literally hundreds of companies out there and what’s important is what is right for you may not be right for the next person. So, doing your due diligence and avoiding those tempting shiny balls are crucial. After all, this IS a business you’re looking to build, right?

As Marcus Lemonis looks at companies to overhaul he consistently talks about the people, the products and the processes. I relate to this so much because I believe that when we’re looking to make a decision about building a business, these 3 things are critical — in ANY business.

First let’s start with the people. 


Many people join a good friend or a family member when they get started. And … it’s not that there is anything wrong with that, however, what people should keep in mind is if their sponsor doesn’t possess a whole ton of experience (yet), who can you lean on?

After all, this is a business knowing who you can count on matters, right?

This includes, at a corporate level too. Take a look at the CEO and his or her executive teams. What has their experience been like in the industry or simply business as a whole?

Who are your field leaders? Do they support the way you intend on building your business? Be that an online, offline or hybrid approach? We have seen a ton of resistance from companies over the years in relation to building a business on social media.

So if your intention is to build your business online, knowing early on if the business model supports that, is critical.

Next, let’s talk about the products.


If you were/are a customer of the products you are already ahead of the game.

In fact … we’re seeing customers becoming a primary focus (FINALLY) in this industry as a whole and this is so critical in the longevity of both your business and the business model as a whole.

If for whatever reason you find yourself no longer supporting the products or even being a consumer of them it’s hard to share their benefits with others authentically. So, if you’ve fallen out of touch with your products – no big deal, get reacquainted.

Deciding which is the right network marketing company to join is likely one where you already support the products (joining for solely a compensation plan is never a good idea).

Lastly, let’s talk about the process. 


What is their process or system for success? This can be the company as a whole or even the team you are looking at joining — what things do they have in place that you can leverage to build your business?

And this should probably go without saying but … PLEASE make sure that the processes they teach aren’t a spammy and overall disservice to you and the industry — processes matter.

Different processes/systems include;

  1. Facebook Groups (customers and distributors)
  2. Training Videos
  3. Exposure videos/content
  4. Graphics


(feel free to drop in the comments a process or system you use with your current company if any)

Our Social Impacter Facebook Group is always available for those of you wanting to build your business on social media and are in need of a bit more support too.

I hope you found this post helpful in how to choose the right network marketing company — and above all else, take your time to decide what will be best for you … long-term.


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