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Is Clubhouse a Smart Addition for Network Marketers?

Meet the new kid on the block; Clubhouse.

Which, I might add recently acquired a 100 million dollar valuation from a venture firm (woah!) For an app still in Beta this is pretty impressive on both a tech and business side. Media outlets such as The New York Times, CNBC and Oprah Magazine are all calling it the “hot new thing” that “Silicon Valley is going crazy for” and “everyone’s talking about”.

And, if you’ve spent any time on social media recently … everyone IS talking about it.

So after spending the last few weeks on the platform myself I wanted to put this post together to tell you a little bit more about it and, my thoughts about it as far as network marketers go.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is Clubhouse?


The Social Media Examiner describes it as this;

‘Clubhouse is a live audio app that allows people to listen to or actively participate in live discussions. Nothing is recorded. When the room ends, that conversion is gone forever.

It’s like a never-ending conference covering eclectic topics. You just enter a room and start listening. Or if you’re like me, you spontaneously host your own room and people magically show up (and they really do). The conversations can last for hours.’

What I have learned is that the Clubhouse app was originally quite popular with the Silicon Valley crowd however, in the last month or so you can expect people from all walks of life. In fact, a good friend of mine mentioned recently she caught a conversation happening with the cast from the TV show ‘The Wire’.

So, yes — the crowd is quite diverse.

What makes Clubhouse Different from Other Platforms?


You might be thinking, ‘OK, but diversity exists everywhere on social media’, right? But consider the audio aspect of it for a moment. Many users describe the experience to that of walking into a party or bumping into a stranger at a coffee shop and starting a conversation with them.

It can feel like a real social event because at its very core, it is.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms, the Clubhouse users don’t rely on images, video or cameras in order to share their experiences with the community.

There are no profile pages, walls, or lengthy explanations of who’s present.

There is a bio section however, it’s not displayed in the rooms the way it is on platforms you might be more familiar with.

If I had to sum up one primary difference — it’s the conversation.

And, since we exist in a relationship marketing world, conversations are key.

Now for the BIG question …

Is this a Smart app for Network Marketers?


Yes, I believe it absolutely is a great choice.

However, this astounding yes comes with a few conditions.

Like any platform it can suck your time (and with conversations lasting hours on Clubhouse this is a huge possibility). So my suggestion is to plan your time there. Schedule into your calendar or add it to your DMO’s.

I have been fortunate to have participated, hosted and listened in on many different topics related to business and network marketing and, have done so with some impressive people in our industry. So, why not you?

Additionally, I have started incorporating Clubhouse conversations into my own professional development time.  As a result, I have made some incredible connections — and there’s no reason that this isn’t possibility (or probability!) as well.

But like I just suggested above to you … I also plan my time there.

I do this in both a teacher role and as a student.


I have been very intentional with my time and would encourage you to do the same.

One suggestion would be to map out conversations that are scheduled for particular days and roll with those only. Avoid getting caught in scrolling what else is happening because that’s when you will find yourself down the rabbit hole.

For example, I always share in my community when I’m going live on there and what guests will be joining me. There is also a calendar inside the app where you can find scheduled conversations from others you are connected to.

From the Social Media Examiner article I included above I want to leave you with the takeaways Michael Hyatt gained from his crowd sourcing conversation on what people love about Clubhouse;

  1. It has true virality
  2. It’s just your voice, no need to be camera ready
  3. Rapidly build business connections
  4. It empowers you to use your voice
  5. Offers real human engagement
  6. You can test your ideas


Have you jumped on Clubhouse yet? Would you love more content around my thoughts, takeaways, suggestions and tips about the platform? Or, are you someone in need of an invite?

Find me there @coachfryer

Can’t wait to hear your comments on the topic and please let me know how I can continue to serve you!

Oh, and sorry non-Apple users .. (while in beta not sure this will open up beyond Apple)

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