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Company Hopping in Network Marketing | Think Twice

Probably among one of the common ‘syndromes‘ network marketers experience is shiny object syndrome. Company hopping has become such a distasteful trend in our industry. And in my opinion, we need to do better.

Somewhere along the way people lose sight of network marketing being a business. Although there are a ton of attractive things about the industry — like low start up costs — they can also become the downfall.

Most of the time, things don’t go as planned for people, at least in the beginning.

The struggle starts to happen, life gets in the way.

This is Expected (and almost accepted) for just about Everything

For example, you don’t start a sport and become GREAT on day one. Just like you don’t start a business and get rich in the first month. Some people struggle with the ideology that success takes time. Many of these people quit.

Those who don’t, generally face 2 scenarios: Grind it out or cue — company hopping.

What is Company Hopping?

Company hopping is the act of switching from one network marketing company to another. This involves a complete change in products, services, distributors, uplines, downlines. Although the niche may be similar — it’s like quitting one to do another.

This is obviously confusing to manage, which is one great reason already not to take part in this unfavorable trend.

But listen, I get it that things happen and we need to move on. There are a variety of reasons people leave companies;

  1. The company closes down
  2. Alignment within ourselves changes
  3. Our own life or business practices have taken a different direction

… and so on. These scenarios aren’t company hopping unless of course there are a handful of companies in a short period of time — you may want to slow down a bit.

Practicing Due Diligence is Imperative

Think about your network marketing career as a resume. If you were an employer, and a new candidate came to you with a resume a mile long where they only stayed at their jobs a few months at a time before moving on …

Would you want to hire them?

I mean, you might but you would probably wonder why they couldn’t commit to anything long-term and, would they just jump ship on your company next. Company hopping comes with a handful of repercussions I’d encourage you to consider;

  1. Failure to build up credibility
  2. Displaying lack of stability
  3. Always chasing the next shiny thing
  4. Lack of trust from your audience
  5. People stop taking you seriously

… you get the idea.

When the ‘going gets tough’, and it will, and you are faced with 2 options — fight or flight — choose fight. Perseverance and grit go a long way in our industry. And too often, people give up and move to a new company expecting different results. But guess what? Things don’t change unless you do!

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