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Gain Competitive Advantages using Facebook Stories

Social media is a great tool for building a network marketing business. You’re able to create awareness and showcase your brand, your products, your services, and in turn, drive sales. The importance of these 3 goals is growing since more people try to enhance their competitive advantages.

Using Facebook Stories is the perfect solution in my opinion.

And, here’s why:

  1. competition is not as aggressive as the newsfeed
  2. Facebook stories show at the top of the feed – always
  3. you can cross-post to Instagram if you choose to
  4. they provide consumers an inside look at YOU!


So, now that we’ve covered the importance .. let’s dive into a few key things that I believe, will help you tap into the Facebook Stories audience and attain those competitive advantages.

Network Marketers Need the Competitive Advantages


Although our industry is absolutely incredible, it can be harder to compete with big brands with enormous marketing budgets. And so, learning ways to leverage what you already have existing — is key. Personally, along with many of my clients, have built solid 6+ figure businesses on social media.

Oh, and at zero to minimal expense to them on the platforms.

In other words, we know what’s possible. And, one of the competitive advantages you have at your fingertips are Facebook Stories.

To date, there are now 500 million daily active Facebook Stories users and viewers (April 2021 – Sprout Social). You might agree that’s a huge piece of the pie, right? Yet, think about your circle of friends on Facebook;  how many are using this to their advantage?

Not many, right?

In short, I want to give you some of the nuts and bolts for creating powerful Facebook Stories that will help you;

  1. nurture your existing relationships
  2. increase your organic reach
  3. stay at the top of the newsfeed
  4. create Facebook Stories that encourage participation/engagement

Impact Playbook

3 Content Areas for your Facebook Stories 


— Empower.

— Entertain.

— Educate.

Always, keep these 3 words in mind when you are creating content. Providing each story you share contains at least one of these areas, you’ve just levelled up your competitive advantages.

They give you a goal in mind, a means of staying on track and ensuring your audience receives value.

In addition to an image or text piece in your stories (be sure to mix them up), I would encourage you to also include at least 1 video clip. This might include a quick tip, how-to, or a simple message. They don’t need to take up the full video time even, just something quick and personable.

Additionally, use features like boomerang or the super zoom. Create the video on Instagram and save it to your camera roll — then, you can share them all over! (and repurpose!)

How often should you post?


The short answer is daily. Now, if you are just starting with Facebook Stories, to earn those competitive advantages I recommend a minimum of 4 per day. Anywhere from 4-10 is a sweet spot and something manageable even if you’re just getting started.

Ideally, you finish a 24 hour period around 8-12 but don’t get carried away with something you may not be able to stay consistent with. Consistency will always trump irregularity.

Remember, get fun with your stories. Leave your newsfeed to the deeper or more serious content. Curiosity pieces and fun pics of you or you with your family or even at an event — are GREAT! Have someone in the image with you? Perfect, tag them!

Using the location feature is also something to consider.


And, as an extra safety measure just post the story once you’ve left the location if you’re not comfortable sharing it at the time. Location tags are great for more exposure, many times the location (account) will share or tag you back and, it opens up a new audience you may not have been exposed to otherwise.

Using arrows, music, GIFs or emojis are also great additions — just make sure you’re not taking away from the overall message or theme. Junking them up to much can be a bit overboard.

Lastly, I want to share this … if you’re not using Canva for your Facebook Stories — START! This will make sure that they are the right sizing, allow you to keep things clean and uniformed (on brand) and let’s be honest templates take the guess work out!

So, let me know this — are you using Facebook Stories to gain (and earn) your competitive advantages?

Love your feedback in the comments.


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