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Content Marketing Blueprint for Network Marketers

Our primary goal is to help people further their skills in the network marketing profession. However, we find that reminding people of the basics is often a great place to start (or refer back to). You see, there are so many channels available on social media alone that it can start to feel overwhelming. And, although you may have a solid strategy for Facebook the same strategy doesn’t always apply to say, Instagram. Having said all that in today’s post we want to give you a solid content marketing blueprint that you can apply right away.

Why does Everyone need a Content Marketing Blueprint?

Great question.

Here’s why.

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail’- Benjamin Franklin

As humans, whether we like to organize or not – we thrive with organization. And as a result, our businesses will reward us when we have a simple plan that we can execute consistently. So sure, there are tons of plans or blueprints available but let’s be honest — some of them are super advanced. And, content marketing especially is a new phenomenon to network marketers.

Traditionally, the industry has been based on offline strategies or, spamming our products and services online. Right? And, over the past decade or so we have seen a shift in the industry and one we hope to continue helping along the right path.

But, you need a plan.

A simple plan at that. In fact, the simpler the better. So let’s dive in.

Social Impacter Content Marketing Blueprint

#1 Be Clear with your Goals

Before you do anything – this includes thinking about what content you want to produce – figure out why you are doing this. What part of your business do you want to move with your content marketing? Customer driven? Recruiting new distributors? Engagement? Brand reach?

Constantly constantly ask yourself  ‘How will this content support my business goals?’ If you find that the content you planned will not support those goals, chances are that it should not be a priority. Also, remember if you have to spend too much time ‘justifying’ why it fits your goals, chances are it would be better as a ‘table for later’ item.

#2 Create your Vision Statement

Your vision statement should speak to 3 areas of any successful network marketing career;

  1. Audience – the type of person you can help most with your content
  2. Product – the types of information you will provide through your content
  3. Outcome – the things your audience will be able to do once they have consumed your content

Your audience should never be defined as ‘everyone’ even if you can find a use for everyone. Be as specific as possible. This will help you develop the right content.

#3 Prioritize the Topics you want to Cover

Categorize all of your content based on identified topics. Not only can you better measure which topics are working, but this will also help when you want to collect and repurpose your content. Make a list of different words, topics or ideas that relate to your business. Make this an ongoing brainstorm sheet that you can cross out or highlight as you go.

An area that can help you identify buzz topics is to check out influencers in your industry. For example, if you sell makeup – check out big brands like; MAC, Revlon, Cover Girl, etc. What messages are they delivering? What are the audiences on those posts asking, doing, comments on? Take note.

#4 Identify the Platforms you need Content for

For your content marketing blueprint, it helps to have a social media content plan that answers these 5 questions:

  1. What is the goal for this platform?
  2. What is the desired action?
  3. What is the specific type of content the audience wants to get in this channel? (text, video, images, etc.)
  4. What is the right tone for this channel? (personal, formal, information heavy)
  5. What is the ideal conversion?

Let your goals help you navigate the decisions you make in regard to social media content. For example, if the goal of your content marketing blueprint is to increase group members, would it really make sense to broadcast all your group content publicly? What reason would your audience have to join your group if they can get the same information on the public content regularly?

Think about how you can tweak and repurpose the content you share on your social networks and include a soft call to action into your group from your public content. Groups should offer some sort of exclusivity to keep members engaged.

#5 Audit your Content Regularly

With social media platforms like; Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, all have great ways to measure the traffic specific posts and/or videos are seeing. Therefore, it allows you to monitor what we call metrics more easily. Take note of what content receives the most engagement, likes vs. comments, shares, views, etc.

You can often make predictions to which type of content marketing will translate best – but never make assumptions. Do your best to mix it up every now and again and see which works best.

This will help you identify what to use more of and what to pull away from. Consider keeping an ongoing spreadsheet or document that you can update easily – and often.

In Summary

Creating and executing on your content marketing blueprint is necessary. Creating one is only half the process. You are here and reading this because we believe you want to operate and build a successful network marketing business. So, make a plan and take action. The follow through is often the most important step.

Do you have a content marketing strategy already? If not, will this help you create one? This blueprint is one that is easily duplicable – so be sure to share this with your teams!

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