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6 Steps to Develop a Content Marketing Outline Overnight

The days of simply throwing a post up on social media are long over. We no longer, can (or should) create a business or product post and expect people to flock to us ready to buy. In fact, stats tell us that buyers today need about 7 exposures before they make a purchase. And, this number may even higher. So, if you do not have a content marketing outline or strategy, my friend it’s time.

Those with a content marketing plan are way ahead of the game.

First things first …

What is Content Marketing?


Content marketing is the development, planning, creation, delivery and management of content. The purpose of a content strategy is to create meaningful, fluid, engaging, and sustainable content that attracts your target customers or distributors.

In today’s social media world, getting the right message to the right customer at the right time is crucial.

Provide uncommon value first…then worry about the sale.

Consider your content marketing outline the map to your goals. Without the map … well, you know what’s next. And so with today’s post I want to give you the 6 steps you need to create a content marketing outline in no time.

And, one that you can grow with, improve upon and so on.

First, here are 7 things you should know about content marketing;

  1. Content drives everything
  2. Why you post matters MORE than what you post
  3. Customers can’t (or won’t) consume anything in silence
  4. The story about you and your business engages audience
  5. Content marketing shows customers why they should care
  6. Squirrel Syndrome (attention span as of 2020 is somewhere around 6 seconds)
  7. You are in business, right?

Convinced yet?

Regardless of what stage you are at in your network marketing business – this strategy or outline shouldn’t be optional. In fact, it’s even something you should pass on to your team or even as early as your getting started guide with distributors.

It is THAT important.

6 Steps to Creating your Content Marketing Outline, Overnight

Now, I need to make a little disclaimer here: These 6 steps will change the face of your business. You are going to find yourself absolutely blown away with what I am about to share. And, you may even find yourself saying ‘this is too simple, why have I waited until now?!‘.

Better late than never.

Keep in mind that these steps are the blueprints. You will be responsible for the framework.

Think about your content marketing strategy similar to building a house. Before anything you need a plan – that is what I am about to give you. Then, you require the action steps and the execution. Fortunately, these are ongoing processes and eventually will start to become seamless and effortless for you and your business.

The Getting Started, is often the hardest part.

Step 1 – Understanding the Basics of having a Content Strategy


Much of this was covered above but…

…  the main thing I need you to take away from this is that with an outline or strategy, your content will suffer. Because once you understand just how valuable it is it makes it much easier to prioritize and, much easier to ‘make time for’.

Step 2 – Know your Audience and how they can all be Customers


Know who your audience is as well, as identifying who your target audience is. Yes, there’s a difference. Chances are when you joined Facebook it was to add family and friends. Perhaps you added people you went to school with or coworkers. These people may be your current audience but may not be your ideal customer.

In fact, as many of us learn early on – they are definitely not the audience we’re after.

In an older post I’ve done, Discover your Audience Profile, it should help you cut the learning curve is how this is done. Be sure to check out that post once you’re through with this one. Your audience (prospects) are the focus, always.

Step 3 – Focus on the Present and Build Authority


Once you’ve established who your audience and desired audience are, you want to focus on what’s available to you currently. Knowing the demographics, what type of content are you going to start delivering? My suggestion would be to go with something narrative – storytelling like (many posts on how to do this!).

Share something with your audience they may not have known otherwise.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

These are among the best ways to connect with your hot and/or warm markets.

Additionally, check out the Facebook Groups or forums you are a part of. These are great arenas to execute your content marketing strategies. Be intentional with your comments, tips and tricks in those groups. Start working on establishing yourself as the expert.

Before wrapping up this point, I want to mention that this is so crucial in the long term plan for your strategy — continuously pouring into groups where you can add value (not spammy) are incredible ways to build authority or expertise.

Step 4 – Ensure that your Content is Created with its own Strategy


Wait, what?! These steps are designed to help you create an effective and efficient way to deliver your content. Whether it be images, videos, longer tail posts, etc. However, creating that content requires its own strategy, right? Don’t let the creativity or intention fall short in the content because you’re spending so much time on the delivery.

Step 5 – Keep the Content Cruise Continuously Cruising


… say that a few times fast!

But here’s the deal; budget, updates and promotions. First of all, know that budget is not solely reflected in finances – I want you to also learn how to budget your time effectively.

Secondly, updates.

Make a habit of checking older posts and adjusting them if necessary. Perhaps you have older content which doesn’t serve you anymore – and not a good ‘teachable moment’ either edit or hide them from your timelines (checking your Facebook memories for example is a great way to keep track). You’d be surprised how far back people will looking into your ‘stuff’ if your content is intriguing or attractive.

Don’t let older content ‘hurt you’.

Thirdly, promotions.

Engagement. Make sure that you are revisiting posts from earlier in the day or even up to a week or two ago (depending on your availability) and comment/respond to everyone who’s engaged with you.

Create a calendar for yourself that ensures that these practices just become part of your daily routine. This, will help with consistency and when it comes time to analyzing and determining the effectiveness of content, you will know that you did all you could to maximize a post.

Step 6 – Optimizing Content (Advanced)


This step may be best suited for those who already have some familiarity with optimized content. This can include SEO or Keywords and if those 2 things scare you – it’s okay, just not the right timing. However, if you are versed in that type of lingo … ensure you are using great keywords (words you want others to associate with you) in your content.

Facebook is well optimized on search engines, and you might be surprised just how far a well written post can go. If you wanted, we can dive much more into these advanced strategies in the future – but for now just be mindful of which words generate the most attention.

It’s kind of a big deal!


Although I believe that content marketing isn’t ‘new’ on the scene – it has definitely started to take an uphill trend. The advantage, in my opinion, of network marketers learning more about this is that unfortunately, this industry always seems to be a little behind.

And so, learning more about content marketing and strategy will help you stand out from the rest and, equip you with the right knowledge to allow your learning to trickle down through your organization.

That, is pretty powerful.

Lastly, I hope this post was helpful to you and I would love if you shared it with your teams and/or others who will benefit.

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