conversations with complete strangers

How to Start Conversations with Complete Strangers on Social Media

Are you looking to engage with more people on social media? The reality is that just posting on Facebook, Instagram, etc. isn’t enough. The real magic happens in messenger. In this post I am going to give you my formula in how to start more conversations with complete strangers — for your business.

It’s probably going to be much easier than you think to implement too.

Although it can be easier to say things from behind a screen, many people still struggle with initiating the conversation. A lot of times, in sales especially, we overthink the process of open communication. For whatever reason we feel we have to jump in and sell, sell, sell!

Where the reality is — being a human first is what will drive revenue in your business.

More conversations, lead to more sales. 

It is really that simple.

So, let’s get you more comfortable using my signature formula;

  1. Use their name
  2. Give them a compliment
  3. Ask a question

Conversations with Complete Strangers doesn’t need to be Complicated

Are you maybe stuck in analysis paralysis?

Wondering how to say the right thing or even what the right thing is?

Do yourself a favor and forget that you are contacting ‘them’ for anything related to business. Truth is, it’s when we are so focused on a sale or bringing someone into our business we lose sight that we are ALL human first.

Now, let’s get into the psychology of my formula for a moment …

We love when people use our name, right? There is something so much more personable and genuine when people use our name in conversation. And, social media has already taken the guess work out — their name is right in front of you!!

The Washington Post published an article on this very topic. The short version of their piece was this;

‘This will help you to better connect with them. Remember, people want to be treated as human beings, not objects. Using their name is the fastest and most reliable way of building rapport and creating a good first impression. Everyone has a name — use it to better connect to them.’

On the video above, I have a few examples for you on how to open a conversation using their name.

Time for a compliment …

Now, you might be wondering; Brian it’s hard enough to have more conversations with complete strangers on social media and now you want me to pay them a compliment? 

Yes, actually I do!

Let’s assume you have 1000 ‘friends’ on Facebook — chances are you haven’t spoken to up to 700 of them, ever. So it’s probably safe to assume you don’t know a ton about them (yet). So, before you blindly message someone on social media, check out their profile first.

It shouldn’t take very long to find something on their page or even their profile that you can compliment them on. Could sound something as simple as; Hey Brian I realize we haven’t connected before today – sorry about that! I just saw you have a new kitty, she’s so cute.

See how seamless that is? And the best part is that you are truly connecting with them on a much deeper level than opening a conversation without using their name and, paying them a compliment.

In conversation, people — including those conversations with complete strangers on social media — love recognition, edification, praise, etc. A simple compliment will go a long way.

Last and certainly not least …

Ask a question.

Using the example above, let’s consider this last addition to it to seal the deal on this strategy;

Hey Brian I realize we haven’t connected before today – sorry about that! I just saw you have a new kitty, she’s so cute. What’s her name?

  1. Use their name
  2. Give them a compliment
  3. Ask a question

A question at the end will help keep the conversation going.

Typically, when you ask a question and your prospect answers they will often follow up with a question of their own. Remember a conversation is a two-way dialogue, right? And when people are made to feel like they’re having one versus listening to a sales pitch they are far more likely to continue engaging with you.

Fun Fact: Facebook and Instagram love this. 

The more conversations you are having in your inbox, the more you will start to show up on these peoples’ news feeds. And, when you show up more on their feeds with your rockstar content — they will gradually learn more about your products, services and business and because your conversation was relaxed and comfortable the likelihood of them reaching out to you about your business just went and 10X itself!

Let me ask you this before I wrap up (drop your answer in the comments); how many conversations are you having every single day on social media?

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conversations with complete strangers