Crafting Effective Facebook Posts for your Business

[updated July 2021] You are probably someone who has made a decision to build your network marketing or direct sales business online. And, I would probably correct in assuming part if not all of it is on Facebook. Now, I readily believe this is the best platform to be doing so on right now. But, we also know that this can also go south really fast if not done right. Crafting effective Facebook posts are vital to your business.

Maybe even your business life line!


The good news is, if you started out on the wrong foot – it is OK. Thankfully, thanks to being authentic and transparent in your business and relationships, starting out wrong can be ‘fixed’. What’s important is learning from the mistake (usually spammy posts), and not going down that road again.

The Importance of your Marketing Message


Your marketing message isn’t just what you’re saying to your audience it is how you say it to them. It is about eliciting an emotional and/or logical response that reaches them on a deeper, more personal level.

It is also how you communicate to them in a way that makes them feel like the message they’re consuming was created just for them.

The goal of your social media Marketing Message… 

Your message exists to do one thing — convert skeptical outsiders into supportive insiders.

In order to do so effectively, you will need to understand and implement a few things along the way.

  1. Know your audience
  2. Identify the pain points
  3. Use an effective post to pique interest
  4. Offer a solution


crafting effective facebook posts

This post is going to help you dive in and understand how to implement these first 4 steps. Crafting effective Facebook posts that convert is the end goal. It will take practice, and some trial and error on your part – but follow these guidelines and you will be good to go!

Know your Audience


This is among the most important piece of ‘advice’ you’ll find in this entire post. In fact, it’s so important that it comes up in nearly every blog I write. If you are not clear on the specific group of people you’re speaking to, you may as well not say anything at all.

We have spoken several times about identifying your customer profile/customer avatar.


The one-size-fits-all approach is far from effective and typically leaves audiences bored and uninterested. May sound a bit harsh — but without it, you are swinging for the fences without even reaching the plate.

Knowing the Pain Points


You can’t hope to convince someone that your product/service is right for them if you don’t fully understand WHY it’s right for them. Read that again.

The perfect way to determine the ‘why buy’ is by identifying the pain points of your audience and how your product or service can help to solve them.

What problems does your audience face and how does your product or service stand to help improve their lives?

A big part of this area in network marketing, comes from conversation.

Getting to know someone and really listening to what they are saying – will tell you everything you need to know. There are too many times we get carried away on this fantastic product without considering how a few hundred extra dollars a month could change their lives.

Or, perhaps financial benefits aren’t their concern but they could really benefit from your essential oils. Get to know your audience, prospect or potential recruits are before anything else. Once people feel that they know you (to some extent), the rest isn’t far behind.

Posts that Pique Interest


Creating content isn’t easy. (but we have a great post here to help that!)

Coming up with great ideas and knowing exactly what to post — not easy.

Crafting effective Facebook posts and content starts with knowing what kinds of posts are ideal for network marketing. These can be broken down into three (3) primary kinds;

  1. Images
  2. Text
  3. Videos/Facebook Live Video (we have a full post dedicated to this found here)

Honorable mentions go to; blogs, shared content, podcasts. 

Images are the cornerstone of Crafting Effective Facebook Posts



Because people love pictures.

People are so bombarded with information these days that they naturally gravitate toward things that are easy to consume and absorb.

A great tip when it comes to imagery is this

a) increase the color contrast or,

b) use greyscale images instead.

You may also consider using images of wild and crazy things like rollercoasters or exotic travel.

Funny images are a great way to garner interaction too. This is especially true when the posts are directed at parents of children who do fun and silly things. This area is also where you might share a powerful before and after image (show an improvement in acne or a weight loss image).

Always remember to include a catchy phrase to go with the picture – and always include a Call to Action (CTA). ‘Drop a comment here if you can relate’ or, ‘what is the wildest thing your child has done?‘, or ‘Would you travel here?’.

Infographics are another great tool to add to your arsenal. crafting effective Facebook posts

They  get hotter and hotter all the time. What is an infographic you ask? In simple terms? It is a visual image that teaches you something. Whether you choose to shares ones you have discovered, or better yet – create your own on a free platform like Canva. 

Bottom line, there are plenty of image related posts you can use and/or create. These are great ways to either promote engagement with your audience and/or teach them something new. Before you post an image, consider asking yourself what the goal is.

This will help you determine later if you achieved what you were after.

Crafting Effective Facebook Posts that are Text Based


Questions are at the top of the list for text content because they generate engagement.

What’s the best kind of question? Short, simple and to the point! Here are some examples:

  • How many children to you have?
  • Couch, Loveseat or Recliner?
  • What’s the best way to read a book: audio, digital or hard copy?
  • Tacos, Hotdogs or Pizza?


Multiple choice questions like this are great because they give people choices — and make them more likely to answer (polls can also be included here).

Would you rather take a multiple choice test or an open ended question test?

Multiple choice, obviously.

Why? Because the questions are easier and quicker to answer. They don’t involve much thinking about the answer. And this is exactly why they’re more likely to get engagement on Facebook. If your goal is primarily engagement – don’t stress about the question relating to your business. It is important to have fun with your Facebook audience every now and again.  So go with it.

People crave a little motivation.

They love to learn (usually).

Quotes are a great way to motivate and teach.

You can use business quotes, success quotes, or quotes about different holidays. Consider creating your own using picture apps, repurposing ones you’ve seen shared on social media, or using the background image color capabilities on Facebook even.

This quote we created as an example, it received more than 100 likes, a few dozen comments, and a dozen shares. Not a bad way to gain some traction I’d say!

crafting effective facebook posts

Tips are another great way to attract engagement – especially shares.

Whether it be a cool Facebook ‘hack’, recruiting tip, recipe or a makeup trick – share it. Keep it short and simple, use a fun emoji like a lightbulb or thinking bubbles for some added decoration.

Lastly, in the world of crafting effective Facebook posts that are text base – use testimonials. These are always powerful. Always ask permission before sharing when you are attaching a name – and as a courtesy it’s nice to ask in general. But, these are great tools for both customer acquisition and recruiting too.

3 Tips for Crafting your Facebook Posts


You know I love to leave you with a few actionable steps that you can start applying today into your business. So, today’s go make it happen points are;

  1. Experiment with the length of your posts. You see, Facebook posts can be 63, 206 characters in length (HOLY MOLY!!). Having said that, a study done in 2016 by National Public Radio (NPR) found that posts with 80 characters or less received 66% more engagement. Is less the new more?
  2. Lists usually work well too for giving context and invoking intrigue. Try breaking out some of the key points from your Facebook post into a few quick bullet points to include within your status. You can use fun emojis as the bullet points (but don’t overuse) to make the post a little more eye catching – playful even.
  3. Add a cool stat or quote from the article. You could use that and then give context to your post. Whether you are linking to a blog post, sharing a video or any kind of Facebook post, there might be some great quotes within the content you could pull out and add to your post.

For example: Rather than “83% of marketers plan on Instagram Ads” you could write “Did you know that 83% of marketers plan on Instagram Ads? Here’s how you can get ahead of the curve!” 

Remember, add the link in the first comment (and say so in the post). Facebook has never liked when you take their audience somewhere else – so to keep with their preference, add the blog or video link in the comment section. This will also prompt people to head to the comment section and maybe drop a comment while they’re there!

Post with the Intent to Standout – Be Different


One of the subtleties of crafting effective Facebook posts is differentiation. Your primary goal is always to deliver the benefits realized by your prospects, but you should also be working to represent your brand as unique and exciting.

  • If your competitors are all listing the same benefits that you are, what reason do people have to buy from you?
  • What additional or unique benefits will your customers receive from buying from you versus your competitors? (this is where sharing who you are, matters)


The process of crafting effective Facebook posts is more complex than most network marketers truly understand. We tend to get wrapped up in delivering an overly complicated run down of our company every time we try to sell something when very few people actually care about any of that information (at least not at first).

You will need to hook your audience by describing what’s in it for them before you can hope to have earned enough of their interest to talk about who you are and what you do.

Use this post as a checklist next time you find yourself crafting Facebook posts and use it to make sure yours are as effective as possible.

Would love to hear your comments and feedback in the comment section below.

Specifically, what type of posts have YOU found the most effective? 

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