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How to Create Better Content Online for your Business

Effective content marketing can be challenging, especially when you feel you are tapped out of content ideas, right? Whether you are posting on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc., the idea tap can start to run dry. So, how do you create better content online that in some ways, will do the heavy lifting for you? Attract the right people and keep them coming back for more.

Because let’s be honest, when we create content and it only attracts crickets, coming up with new content becomes more daunting than anything else.

So, whether you curate content or write your own, you can keep new ideas flowing to ensure you always share; fresh, relevant and most importantly, relatable content.

How to Create Better Content Online for your Business

People crave more than just facts. They want something they can connect and relate to. It’s much more interesting, much more engaging and, in turn, much more likely to elicit a response. And that should always be the goal.

Here are a few tips I know you will find helpful (and easy to incorporate)

Do your Research

What needs, obstacles or challenges does your audience have? Pick a need or pain point that might be a high priority for them right now. Then, develop content and social media posts which provide them with a solution. Without knowing who they are – how can you speak to them?

PRO TIP: Connect with your audience on an emotional level; share testimonies from your previous satisfied customers or clients. This will help them picture their own success as a result of using your product or solution. This will also help them begin to trust you.

Be Mindful of your Verbiage

Take your research further and learn what language your ideal clients use to communicate their needs or challenges. This includes any slangs or common jargon they would use. To create better content, use this language when writing your posts to ensure your content resonates with your audience.

This will help to show them that you truly understand them and their challenges.

Be the Light

This doesn’t mean every post needs to be rainbows – there’s a huge difference between positive and happy. You want your audience to be excited, and inspired by your posts, right? So, that doesn’t always mean happy posts. Whereas, in some of your posts, you may choose to share your opinion or take a stand on something important to you and your brand.

But there’s a difference between taking a stand and attacking or criticizing others, creating drama or negativity or, airing out your dirty laundry without any form of lesson attached.

Explore the use of Storytelling in your Content

Storytelling is a great tool to create an emotional response in your audience. You can make them feel humor, nostalgia, anger, sadness, hope, inspiration and so much more. A good story is like a rollercoaster right through your brain’s emotional center.

Why is that important?

Because, when you can make people feel something, you can make them take action.

Overall, if you want to create better content online for your business, you have to connect with your audience in ways that makes ‘sense’ for them. They need to readily believe YOU have the answer to their problems.

Focus on how you can convey that value, that knowledge and those expertise to impact someone else’s life today.


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