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5 Ways to Create Duplication in your Business

Let’s start with a few facts about direct sales network marketing. These numbers are from the Direct Selling Association (US) in 2015. I would have loved to give you some current stats (2022), but one can safely assume the industry continues to thrive upwards, not the other way around. There are a couple of reasons I want to start with the numbers; although the numbers continue to grow, the delivery is changing with technology. Thus, ways to create duplication in your network marketing team might look a little different from when the greats started.

  1. More than 20 million people in the United States are involved in network marketing/direct sales
  2. Collectively, they have retailed more than 30 Billion dollars in products and services
  3. The most significant categories are; wellness, services, personal care, travel, and clothing
  4. The industry is made up of 77% women

Pretty wild, right?


And so, you might be wondering why this has anything to do with ways to create duplication, right? Well thinking outside of the box, these stats tell us that it is an industry more people than we think are interested in it. 

And women are more than likely great candidates (to say the least!)

These numbers tell us that several categories are rising to the top, and there is a little bit of something for everyone. In addition, in a business model that operates similarly to a turn-key business, the possibilities are endless with the right system and/or strategy in place.

Growth is inevitable.

So, with that said, duplication is a key to growing a large team and, more importantly, a winning team. Going through the following ways and/or steps will have you creating a strategy and system others can not only plug into but want to be a part of.

5 Ways to Create Duplication 


#1 Launch your new team members appropriately.’


This is the most critical step in creating duplication in your team. When you have a new team member (distributor) start their business, getting them started right dictates what happens moving forward. Remember, like you once were, they will be excited. Help bottle that excitement and use it for their launch. It is OK to take the first day (max) to help them develop a strategy, especially one for social media.

It is perhaps helping them create a few curiosity posts or even a launch video, sharing their story or how to connect quickly with their warm market. 

Go through this process together. This will also give them the right tools and resources to plug their prospects into right away. Get them familiar with making introductions or welcoming them into customer groups even. Then, when they have a plan, it will help things feel less overwhelming and instead just a matter of following the steps.

#2 Do not reinvent a working wheel


If you are plugged into a sponsor, upline or team with an effective system …

Use it.

Do not waste any of your time trying to create something new. However, if a system is missing from your business, our next suggestion would be to connect in communities of network marketers, our Social Impacters, for example, and find the systems working for others.

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#3 Foster the growth in others


Be an encourager, and meet people where they’re at. Take some time to get to know your distributors; strengths, likes and dislikes, their ‘why’ or driving force. This can come from simple conversations or more structured ones that include goal setting.

Launching a business or building a team can be exciting for some and terrifying for most — take the time to learn what your team members need and help them grow to that desired level. Then, when people feel heard, you will find that they will continue to raise their bar as they go.

A great tip to consider is sharing a book with them or audio that has helped you along the way. (mine is How to Win Friends and Influence People)

#4 Promote and encourage events


From the day you help a new distributor launch their business, schedule their first event to attend. Then, get them there, whether at a company, regional or generic industry event. Although social media has taken a massive role in this industry for building businesses and helping to create duplication faster, there is nothing quite as exciting as live events.

The keynotes they will here, the skills they will learn and the relationships they will build are priceless.

Positive energy and being surrounded by people who want more for themselves are the most contagious feelings that drive duplication. So, first and foremost, make sure you are at these events and get creative as you need to to ensure your team is right there with you.

#5 Lead from the front


There is no way around it — your team will do what you do. They will follow you from prospecting to sampling, going on Facebook Live to being on team training. And, at the very least, it is imperative to your success to always be working on your business.

Do not get caught up in management mode; this will not create duplication in leadership. It will, however, generate duplication in bad habits and way too many bosses telling others what to do.

What are some of your best tips or strategies to create duplication? Let me know what they are and what you think about the ones we have shared here today!

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