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12 Creative Content Ideas your Audience will Love

Creative content or engaging content is where most network marketers struggle in building their businesses on social media. And content that delivers value and creates curiosity in an audience is critical. As a result, I have compiled a massive list of creative content ideas you can implement into your social media and content strategy.

Now, in a perfect world …


You’d create content that your audience would connect with instantly. Your readers would fall in love, share your content everywhere, and you’d become a viral content creator overnight!

If only it were that simple, right?

Well, guess what? It can be that simple, but it will take a commitment. The most common factor among all solid content creators is consistency. Take Gary Vaynerchuk, for example; he had a Vlog for years before anyone ever watched it. 

And now? He is among one the top creators of our time.

The Biggest Content Creating Tips for Beginners


Develop a strategy and execute it, no matter what. Zero excuses. You will need critical tips to keep in mind and on hand when you structure creative content. Quick and accessible pieces of advice that not only refine your skill but refine the content itself.

These tips will be the toolbox you keep by your side when it’s time to dig deep, settle in, and create content.

Creative Content Writing Tips You Need To Know!


#1 Know your Audience Beforehand


Your customer avatar should be your first step. 

In summary, knowing your audience demographic becomes a gold mine in developing your content.

Why? Because you already know their pain points, their needs and wants. And as a result, you can create content that speaks to them loudly.

#2 Keep Content Simple


Even when you have crafted the most dynamic, engaging and value-rich content, most people will not devour it all. So, keep the action points simple and to the point. Additionally, including actionable points near the beginning of your content will increase their odds of executing it. 

And, when they execute and see results, they’ll be back. Over and over again.

#3 Write from the Heart


When your message is authentic and genuine, you can never go wrong. Your audience loves to connect with your personal side – give that to them. But, especially in network marketing, where relationships are critical, don’t deprive them of knowing who you are.

#4 Laugh it up, Chuckles


Don’t be afraid to let your sense of humor shine through. Whether it be dry, sarcastic, or based on memes of funny stories – share it (them). People love to laugh; it makes them feel good.

#5 Remember who the Content is Truly for


It has very little to do with you! However, content strategies are encouraged because it helps keep the reader (audience) at the forefront. 

Like our industry, success is not what we see but what we see in others.

#6 List are Golden


People love lists. You may think people are tired of seeing ‘Top 10’ lists, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. With the enormous waves of info coming at your average consumer daily, many readers suffer from overload or overwhelm.

They crave information to satisfy their curiosity, but they want it to be easy to take in. Lists are easier to read than vast paragraphs of text. It makes your content easier to engage with, consume, and remember.

#7 Put the Reader in the Picture


Creative content starts with ‘imagine this‘ or … ‘picture yourself …’. This indirectly encourages them to engage. 

Now, this is where knowing your audience matters because you can help illustrate a scenario for them that they can picture being a part of. This is money!

#8 Create Useful Content


Now, valuable content is part of the puzzle without question. Applicable content, however, is taking things to a whole new level. Let me explain. 

Creating valuable content is critical, but you want to ensure that the information you provide is helpful to your audience. In addition, you want to ensure that your user can use its content in their own lives or receive joy from it.

Put yourself in their shoes – is the content you are delivering useful? 

Make this question a priority in your content strategy.

#9 Creative Content Should Stay Positive


Do you know what is not shareable? Negative things. Even when people agree with the topic or are motivated by the cause, negative material doesn’t pull in people the way positive things do. It doesn’t create the proper curiosity to attract an audience.

This is one goal you should feel good about.

Keeping your material fresh and positive keeps you happy and makes social media a better place.

#10 Keep the Content in First Person


Keep your content personable. When you create your content, treat your dialogue like a conversation with your audience. When things get too formal, it can start to turn people away – especially on platforms that are designed to be social.

stories challenge

#11 Make things Visual


Don’t be afraid to attach images and/or videos to your content. Or deliver your content via those mediums even. Audio and Video give an illusion (to some degree) of being faster-paced – in today’s world, many people prefer these types of delivery. A prime example is platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Facebook Reels.

#12 Be Careful with too much Hype


Creative content should be fun and engaging. This does not equate to hype. Being authentic and transparent with people is much more effective than hype. There is no question about that. 

Hype creates illusion and, in some cases, too good to be true mindsets. Actions speak much louder – and real wins every time.

Overall, there is no question that content and, more importantly, creative content is critical. Critical to your business, specifically, your growth and brand reach. 

Let me know which of these 12 Tips are the most practical for you – and which one made you feel like … ‘Gosh! Why didn’t I think about that until now?!’ I always appreciate your comments and feedback!

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