daily method of operations for marketers and network marketers

Daily Method of Operations for Marketers

Daily method of operations for part-time marketers (and network marketers). Let’s be honest; we all have the greatest of intentions with to do lists and daily habits but we often fall short, right? And, we (including right here on this website!) hear the words daily method of operations quite often. But, what does it even really mean? After all, if we can’t stick with a to-do list than why would this be any different?

Well for starters your daily method of operations (DMO) should be non-negotiable.

They are the things you do every single day (even when you don’t want to).

Additionally, they are specific tasks and should, in my opinion, be at set times, each day.

Think of a daily method of operations for marketers (and network marketers) as a set schedule that you never vary from. The same way if you work(ed) a job, have children’s gymnastics or a knitting club. These activities are set times that you stick to, otherwise you’d miss out — or get fired.

So, if you are working your business part-time with a goal of full-time …  it is time to get really serious about this.

Want a business? Build it like one.

Want a hobby? Well, do it when you feel like it.

Whatever type of social impact you are looking to create in your business — do that, and do it well.

Daily Method of Operations for Marketers


As an entrepreneur, do you have a daily method of operations that you use to ensure things are completed? If you answered no, I’m glad you’re here. Starting out, focus on the income producing activities first and then finish all of the other stuff.

When we have a network marketing business — although yes, we want to serve others, create social impact and make a difference …  but, we’re also a business.

And in order for a business to be successful, it needs income.

Be sure to keep your daily method of operations short.


This way, you aren’t slammed with overwhelm.

Pro Tip: Set a timer for 30 minutes so that you are focused and not distracted while working. Once the timer is set, nothing should interrupt your focus. This includes;

  1. social media
  2. family
  3. friends
  4. television


… or otherwise.

You are focused.

And, once the 30 minutes is up, take a 10 minute break and then go right back to setting the timer again. This strategy will help you get a ton of stuff done while, keeping you on task.

Next, reward yourself.


This is often the most overlooked but pretty important piece. Once you have completed whatever tasks that needed completion for that day, choose a reward. Maybe it’s as simple as a pat on the back or for bigger project completions it could be a spa day or new book. Whatever makes you smile and feel accomplished — do that.

And then guess what? Get back to work!

Be very specific with your daily method of operations and you will find that the more consistent you become, the results with show you why this is so necessary.

Click HERE where you can download my go-to daily method of operations!

And, would love to know what your day-to-day looks like — where will you find this the most helpful?

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