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You have probably noticed or heard the buzz lately; Facebook is starting to randomly delete Facebook Live videos. Now, although Facebook hasn’t released anything ‘official‘ about this happening – we see it, right? When we first heard the buzz, admittedly, we didn’t pay much attention. That was of course until we started hearing it from multiple people. Now, why would they be deleting Live videos?

Although we have nothing confirmed, we wanted to offer some insight. More so, things you can do to avoid having your Facebook Live videos vanish.

Why is Facebook is Deleting Live Videos

First and foremost, make sure you are in alignment with the current policies Facebook has released on this. To summarize some obvious ones;

  1. Avoid any music playing unless it’s original. This has been a common reason based on copyright infringement being used ‘without permission’. We have seen people add a disclaimer in their Live video description, however this is little to not effective when Facebook is crawling audible content.
  2. Do not post videos that show illegal activity. This includes any video where there is violence, drugs, derogatory, hate speech, etc. If it doesn’t ‘feel right’, it’s not right.
  3. Videos should not include nudity or sexuality. This one is self explanatory and as a network marketing professional, this probably shouldn’t be on your content calendar anyways.
  4. Cruel and Insensitive Live videos. Facebook defines this as content that targets victims of serious physical or emotional harm.

Now, you are probably saying to yourself – ‘but, I haven’t done any of those things!’. Good, then read on.

Bottom line, Facebook does not like marketers. Unless of course, you are spending money on the platform through ads, etc. And so, we have seen over the years that Facebook started to come down much harder on marketers especially.

So, we started learning the do’s and don’ts.

That’s also around the time we were diving head first into attraction marketing, specifically on social media and Facebook.

Is Facebook Deleting Live Videos Because of Titles?

It is very possible.

And, this is where a bulk of the speculation is coming from. And the irony in that, is we know the title can to some degree, make or break a video live audience. We want them to stand out, right? Adding some extra emojis, leaving enough capturing words, and peaking interest. Sure, it is what we know works.

However, when we are not practicing this ‘style’ consistently, what this tells these automated Facebook crawlers is that we are doing is ‘out of the norm’ from our usual activity. It is here that Facebook does unpredictable things like randomly deleting Live Videos.

So, in terms of prevention this can be a tough one – especially since we are still not entirely sure why this is happening — but we know one thing goes without saying …

When you are being a real, authentic person

Giving value, educating others and doing so consistently …

You have little to worry about.

Although, we want to equip you with some tips that in the event this happens to you -it’s not lost forever.

You Cannot Recover Facebook Deleted Posts, Videos, etc.

It is a scary truth.

Especially, when you are someone who has made a solid commitment to building a substantial business on Facebook. So, knowing this being prepared is the answer. Complaining, whining, groaning about it won’t change it, right? So let’s add in daily methods of operation that will help lessen the blow if we fall victims to Facebook deleting Live videos.

First things first? Save the video before posting it. 

You will have an option once your Live video is complete, to ‘save to device’. You must do this before uploading the video to your Facebook.

Once you have saved the video, you can now safely upload them to Facebook. In our opinion, if you are confident that your Video Description isn’t spammy, there isn’t an overuse of emojis, etc. you should be fine. But, on any free platform there is always a risk. So, what you do from here matters.

You have saved the video, but then what?

With Facebook Deleting Live Videos at Random … What next?

If you are someone who is doing Facebook Live videos regularly, we can appreciate you won’t want to use up all kinds of memory on your mobile device. So, there are a couple options you can do;

  1. Save to your device if you have the space, and/or computer
  2. Upload the video to Dropbox or Google Drive (both have free plans)
  3. Upload your saved video to YouTube or Vimeo

It may not be a bad idea if you have extra time, or kids looking to help a parent out (for a nominal fee!) to download all your already published videos too. There are a number of free services you can use to download Facebook Live Videos and one we have used in past is FBDown.

Although these are a few suggestions that will take a few extra minutes, we do believe they are worth doing. Eventually, the more consistent you are this will become more of a habit than an extra step. And, especially now that we know this is happening – starting now would be our strong recommendation.

Is Facebook Deleting Live Videos Marketer Targeted?

Unfortunately, it’s possible. Again why we have become so passionate about teaching network marketers the right way of sharing their opportunity on social media. Facebook like we’ve said before is a social platform, right? And so, Facebook does unpredictable things sometimes when it feels sales driven versus socially driven.

To parallel that, it is why we don’t recommend Facebook Business Pages until you have an established business foundation. They have become a pay to play world where your personal profile can be managed without any costs at all and can attain incredible reach without paid ads, and so on.

To summarize;

  1. Save all of your videos and use the suggestions above, to store them
  2. Be mindful of your titles and use of emojis. Never include links in your Description that go to a product site.
  3. Engage consistently on Facebook not solely on your videos. You want to create consistent behavior.
  4. Deliver value, avoid selling on videos, be social!

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Deleting Live Videos