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3 Ways Network Marketing can help you Build your Dream Life

The first time I thought about my dream life, I was blown away. It’s a simple concept but not always easy to decipher by any means. To describe my dream life goes against the decades of what society has taught me. Truth is, I think more entrepreneurs feel that way.

Go against the grain.

To make it easier to answer, I broke down my dream life into 3 categories;

  1. an ideal day
  2. my ideal work
  3. my ideal experiences.

In defining each of these, it makes it easier to come up with the whole: dream life concept.

Once I knew what fit into these three categories, I had a more concrete direction to head toward. I would encourage you to try this activity for yourself. It’s amazing what we can learn from digging a little deeper into our ideology of a dream life.

3 Ways to help Build your Dream Life

What is your ideal day?

Think about this …

As children we were allowed huge amounts of playtime — tire us out, allow us to learn, give parents a break. And, as we grow  the time allotted for playing decreases quickly. By our teenage years, we are asked to do many routine activities, most of which feels unnatural to us at the time (and frankly don’t want to!)

Finishing high school, going off to college, choosing a place to work, finding a partner, picking a retirement plan — and the list goes on, right?

Digging deep, I realized that I could construct my ideal day down to the minute if I really let my mind and heart get into it, without boundaries. Some of the time management strategies could be beneficial here as well. But more than anything, focus on activities in your ideal day that will lead to building your dream life.

Consider your ideal work …

What is your ideal work like? Who is your ideal distributor or customer?

I can’t tell you how much these 2 questions changed my career. When I read this question for the first time (a while back), I thought to myself, ‘woah, I can choose WHO I can work with?’.

Why didn’t they ever teach us to stop and think about who we take money from? How come nobody ever taught us to be as picky with our teams as we are with our life partners?

We usually don’t take it much further than that, do we?

It may be time to start.

It’s a small sort of breakthrough when you realize you don’t have to take all the paid work that comes your way. Not all business is good business.

Time to Consider your Ideal Experiences …

Write down the last time you experienced something absolutely amazing. It was a moment that could also feel like a breakthrough. You felt accomplished, pleased, overjoyed, excited, and all those types of feelings.

Now, how can you recreate those experiences? Take some time and breakdown how you got there in the first place. Take note of those habits, those routines and those skills.

In order to build your dream life knowing your 3 ideals is so key.

Because here’s what we know …

If we can work towards creating and/or recreating or ideal days, work and experiences we are well on our way to that life we only ever dreamed of. And you, deserve to live your dream life. 


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dream life