How to Easily Recruit New People

Easily Recruit New People in MLM Month After Month

Quite possibly the most over analyzed, stress driving, obstacle ridden, subject when it comes to Network Marketing, is recruiting. And, I get it – to some degree, but I know, it doesn’t need to be. In this post (and on the webinar I’m hosting this Tuesday evening) I want to take you through how you can easily recruit new people in MLM month after month – even, if you are new. It gets better. I genuinely, want to take the thought process out of the equation for you, so that all you need to do is implement the strategies I’ll be teaching.

Sounds good right?

easily recruit new people in MLMI mean, I would question if the answer was no. One of the most common trends along network marketers is how to easily recruit new people in MLM – consistently. The days of posting your link repeatedly on social media are gone (and truthfully may never have ever existed), but it seemed like the ‘thing’ to do – and likely, whatever everyone else was doing [wrong].

We’ve discussed attraction marketing at great length here, why? Because it works. Chasing people to join your business is a sure fire way to see no recruiting success, and potentially create the exact opposite result you’re seeking.

People are People. Not Numbers.

Where we need to fist start, is realizing that people, are just that – people! They’re not simply ‘another recruit’ and shouldn’t be treated as such. Are you recruiting? Of course, to some degree – giving options, sharing an opportunity,- whatever way we spin it, yes, network marketing typically involves recruiting, in some capacity. It shouldn’t be a matter though, of ‘how many do I need?’. I am sure we’ve all heard this before, unfortunately.

I wholeheartedly believe, that with the right training or coaching, anyone can see some recruiting success in their business. At the very least, equip them with the right tools and strategies to set the foundation. Now given, I appreciate that results will vary, and some of this pertains to gaining other valuable skills, work ethic, and so on – but generally speaking, with these few things – All things are possible to easily recruit new people in MLM month after month.

My 3 Ways to Easily Recruit New People in MLM

I should note, this starts with you. easily recruit new people in MLM

  1. Posture/Confidence
  2. Say less, to more people
  3. Detach from the outcome

People want to work with someone they feel they can learn from, who will not quit, and someone who will lead by example.

Are you that person? 

Are you investing in yourself to be a better version of you?

Social media has allowed this platform to connect with millions of people, worldwide, so why are we concerned about a saturated market, or running out of people to speak to? That’s so silly to hear! Unless of course you’ve spoken with millions of people worldwide.

Too often, we get caught up speaking to ‘the perfect person’, then we’re left feeling disappointed when they don’t join our deal. Stop that. Don’t be addicted to the outcome. Stop wasting time trying to convince people that you have the next best thing since sliced bread.

Easily Recruit More People in MLM Using Trust

The saying never gets old, people do business with others who they know, like and trust. So how getting to know someone we can conquer through building a relationship, liking someone, well – that’s a given, and trusting someone – how do we establish trust?

Become more trusting through serving versus selling.

Provide help, support, value, tools, strategies, and then some! To some degree, it’s adopting the theory of paying it forward. Delivering quality without a price tag attached. Establishing and creating this rapport demonstrates for others what you can ‘do’ for them, or what it would ‘be like’ working with or alongside you.

MLM is designed for the long haul – Consider this when you are prospecting and recruiting someone, are you committing to the long haul with them? Are you delivering value that would have them wanting to commit to the long haul with you?

Here’s the bottomline. If we’re not learning, we’re not growing. This can be applied to you, your prospect, your team, and more. Learn, apply. Repeat. Stay Motivated – Lead by Example – Master Your Craft. Although recruiting is some aspects is a numbers game, it’s time you become the hunted, versus the hunter.

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