Why Engagement on Social Media Matters to Network Marketers

Engagement on social media is essentially like a long term relationship. For a moment, imagine this; a committed and lengthy relationship takes dedication. And, it requires readiness to adapt, the ability to think about the future and ensure the other party involved is happy for years to come.

Try to think of engagement as more than just a single interaction.

The goal is that you are creating an open line of communication over a period of time. While the act of buy/sell may come to mind, engagement is different and on its own level.

When we think about engagement on social media, it is about how you use networks like;

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Twitter

… to build a great customer (or distributor) experience.

Once prospects decide to engage with your business on social media, they are essentially putting trust into your brand to solve their problem. Now, this is an underlying level of trust but it is what starts at the foundation that matters, long term.

How do you Generate Engagement on Social Media?

The thing that always stands out is that there’s not really any ‘magic sauce’ – you have to engage with people. Let’s say that again — you need to engage with people. How can you ‘expect’ others to engage with you otherwise? Social media is like socializing in real life.

If you want to talk to someone, you go talk to them, or give them reason to talk to you. If you want engagement, you talk, you listen (and listen and listen some more), then you respond. Sometimes this example is demonstrated by way of a cocktail party. You mix, you mingle, maybe you share about your family — you don’t just dive into trying to sell them something.

In fact, business might not even become a topic on that first interaction.

The ‘social’ part of ‘social media’ is just that. For some reason we launch a business and our social skills go out the window. Let’s work on bringing them back.

Best Type of Engagement … 

One of the best forms of engagement is shares. Shares influence how many people see your posts. So, when you are creating content for your social media platforms — think to yourself, is this shareable? Ask yourself, why would anyone share this?


How to Improve your Engagement on Social Media

Improving your social media engagement isn’t necessarily high tech, but it will take effort.  Social business or social branding isn’t something new. This type of marketing has been around for decades. However, it is only over the past couple of years (or less) that network marketers and direct sales consultants are learning to harness it. And, they are learning more about how to do it effectively.

Now there is an enormous audience out there ready to be targeted, dissected and reached through social media engagement. The important thing is to know how to approach your audience, and even before that — know where you audience is.

We believe, that to earn 6+ figures in the network marketing space, you can do so using Facebook alone. Why? Because that’s what my wife and I did.

#1 Open the Dialogue

As we mentioned earlier, try to think about engagement on social media as a long term relationship. Therefore, every great relationship needs someone to initiate the conversation start things up. And in some cases, it has to be your brand/business.

In a recent Facebook Live, we introduced the engagement posts. Now, these aren’t the ones about algorithms and the ‘like me if you see me’ posts either. These posts are ones that elicit a response. Here are a couple examples that you will see, generated a decent number of ‘likes’ and TONS of comments.

engagement on social media


social media engagement

Now, we used these examples because on one hand the can be fun and elicit tons of engagement because let’s be honest — people love to share their opinion. Whereas the second example was a bit more specific to my own target audience, but again people love to share what they have going on.

Know This: Be mindful in your early conversations. Do not promote right away or else you’ll find little interactions and participation. Provide something of value and go from there.

#2 Post & Share Relevant Content

Now you might be thinking — ‘I already do that and it’s not working’. And, maybe this is true but we think that this tip will help you truly evaluate that (go on, do it now even!)

  1. Go to your Facebook Timeline (personal profile)
  2. Have a look at the last ten (10) posts you did
  3. Look at the engagement you received on each of these post (good and bad)
  4. Based on this, moving forward — Give your audience more of what they want to see

Our guess would be this engagement evaluation will be pretty clear. Unless of course you always post the same stuff, with little variation — that alone can hinder engagement.

For example you are a Food Photographer — well, aspiring to be!

You make great meals at home, take pictures or, you are the one at the restaurant taking pictures before you dive in. Your audience LOVES this! These posts for you are the largest attention grabbing, comment leaving, likes r’ us posts. Do more of this! Although it may have nothing to do with your business, when you use the 80 (lifestyle) 20 (business) model of posting — those same foodie lovers will also see the others.

In addition, you have already established that level of interest through your other posts that they love. Meaning, your audience is far more likely to engage when you sprinkle the other posts among them.

When you deliver what your audiences likes most, they will continue to come back for more.

#3 Deliver Positivity

This one is short and sweet. There is enough negativity out there in the world that sharing some positivity goes a long way. Whether this be through a quote, great story, image or video — positivity always wins.

The biggest thing to remember here is yes, you are human. But, you are a human working to build a business on Facebook (social media). The engagement you receive on a negative post are probably not the people who will be fired up to join you in business.

Alternatively, the engagement on social media you receive through channels of positivity are more than likely the kind of person you would love to work with. Foster those relationships, explore those interactions and be the person you want to attract.

Final Thoughts | Engagement on Social Media

The power of engagement on social media cannot be understated as a means of strengthening relationships and trust in your brand. Social media is the best platform to facilitate this growth. It is immediate, it is accessible – and it’s where your audience is already at.

Now you tell us, do you think engagement is important?

Do you think social media is important for your brand?

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