How to use the Evolving Facebook Algorithm to your Advantage

Feeling like you need to keep up with the Facebook algorithm can be exhausting. And, if you are like most of our readers, Facebook is the primary place you are building your network marketing business.

So, one can appreciate why we wanted to revisit this topic — sooner than later.

A little while ago, we shared a post called Facebook Algorithm and what Network Marketers need to Know. As you can imagine, this post received a ton of traction. Therefore, we had a lot of feedback from people wanting to know more. We would recommend you check out that post once you are finished here — but in a nut shell it shares tons of strategies you can do instead of focusing on the algorithm at all.

However, we have realized that frankly, some people just prefer to know!

  1. Why certain posts work and others don’t
  2. How the engagement levels have declined and how they can fix it
  3. Or, why adding total strangers randomly isn’t the answer!

What is the Facebook Algorithm?

We shared this definition in our previous post and, continue to find its description to be accurate.

The Facebook algorithm considers engagement, relevance, timeliness, and thousands of other factors in an effort to populate people’s News Feeds and/or Timelines with more of the stuff they want to see, as inferred by Facebook.

Unlike sites where everything you post automatically shows up for every person who follows you, Facebook uses an algorithm to dictate what content appears in a person’s News Feed. In Facebook’s official words, “The goal of News Feed is to show you the stories that matter most to you. To do this, we use ranking to order stories based on how interesting we believe they are to you.

Even still, this can sound a little complicated or technical.

So, please understand the algorithm is how you see things on your timeline, and how others see you. Probably the simplest way to explain it with respect to the newsfeed anyway. In this post, we want to share with you some suggestions you can implement TODAY. Suggestions that will help you increase your engagement on Facebook through the power or the algorithm.

Tips to Help Engagement on your Facebook Posts

Tip Number One — Audit your Friends List

We hear many people in the profession talk about ‘maxing’ out their friends list. Unfortunately, Facebook still has this silly cap at 5,000 and yet we don’t treat it with the right value in ‘real estate’. Truth is at one point or another you may have been trained to add all sorts of people. Strangers included.


Unfortunately, this had very little to do with who these people were and instead were more or less taking up valuable space on your friends list. We see this especially with network marketers who have half their company on their Facebook.

And yet, they wonder why the only posts the algorithm is sending their way are ones about their own company!


Quality over Quantity

More friends does not automatically equate to new business. Nor does it necessarily increase your engagement either. However, quality contacts will. Think before sending someone a friend request — will you bring value to their life, or vis versa? You may even consider opening up a conversation first, see where it leads to from there.

Fun Fact via Facebook Help: If you’ve allowed people to start following you, people who send you friend requests that you ignore will automatically be following you.

Meaning, don’t leave those pending friend requests to sit there! Instead, turn them into followers if the intention is not to accept.

Tip Number Two — Value Driven Posts using 80/20 Rule

Quick note about the 80/20 Rule. We suggest, that 80% of your posts be lifestyle, family, hobby, quote, etc. related. And, the other 20% be something related to your business. This may include a Facebook Live, a celebratory post for a teammate or rank advancement, etc. Just be mindful this doesn’t mean 20% spam posts either!

Few key things we share with our free Facebook community;

  1. You don’t need to post more than 3 times a day. Even if once per day is all you have time for, at the very least be consistent with that. If you are posting multiple times, remember to wait at least a few hours in between posts. The algorithm does not favour multiple posts too close together. They figure you have already received enough attention.
  2. Do NOT spam your friends! We never like to be redundant, but please — use our content strategy ideas or become familiar with the social media trends that work! Spammy posts are never the right answer.
  3. Posts that deliver value, solve a problem, answer a question, and so on, will always be favored in the algorithm, They are posts that often create the most engagement — especially when they are actionable, authentic and relatable to your audience. Additionally, curiosity posts are great ways of stirring engagement thus, boosting your algorithm fame.
Tip Number Three — Be social & Engage

Facebook, is a social media platform. Operative word in that description being social. One of the main components to the Facebook algorithm is how long people are spending on a post. Google, implemented this type of strategy in their own crawlers when it comes to website content. They use terms like bounce rate and on-page time.

Facebook algorithm is relatively similar. The more you engage with others, and others engage on your posts the more visibility the post will get. Alternatively, the set it and forget it model is not effective. You should be spending inner opinion, 5 times as long engaging with others than you spend making your post.

For example, if your post took 3 minutes to post — Engage with others for at least, 15 minutes. This includes commenting on their posts, reacting (instead of liking) others posts, participating in the comments of a Live video and so on.

This will not only support others, but the Facebook algorithm will favor your content through your engagement too. When we really consider this — it’s a win/win.

algorithm network marketing on facebook

What Could be Affecting your Facebook Algorithm

Some of the specific signals that will affect your ranking include;

Who posted the story

  1. Frequency of posts from that person
  2. Previous negative feedback on an author


  1. Average time spent on content (especially for outside links and videos)
  2. Overall engagement a post already has (how many likes, comments and shares)
  3. Tags from friends
  4. Recent comment(s) from a Facebook friend

Post (Story) type

  1. Completeness of the personal page profile
  2. Posted from a friend or from a page
  3. How informative the post is

Our suggestion is to keep this checklist handy the next time you want to post the dreaded ‘I see Facebook has a new algorithm’ status! We think you might find that the answer is within here, instead of that post.

Lastly, we would love to hear how you are finding the Facebook algorithm to be for you — what’s worked (and what hasn’t!) Drop us a comment below — look forward to hearing from you.

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