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Explode your Online Sales with this Simple Formula

Recently, I attended a mastermind in Arizona (one of my favorite places to visit!). It was here, where I was able to not only train at but learn from other incredible entrepreneurs. I took away a TON of great nuggets from this event but one in particular really stood out and one that I believe will help you explode your online sales.

See, this nugget came from an entrepreneur named Troy Dunn.

If you’re not familiar with him, he is an American television personality, producer, and public speaker who specializes in creating and producing television that generally includes reuniting people with long-lost loved ones.

The formula went something like this; Content builds community, community builds commerce.

Ready to Explode your Online Sales?

It shouldn’t surprise you that in my opinion, the key to learning how to explode your online sales starts with content.

Best Practices to Create Content for your Audience


From a previous blog I wrote based on profitable content, I wanted to highlight these 4 points;

1. Concentrate on creating content for your audience. Here’s a sample Worksheet to help keep you organized. While focussing on broad content may cast a wider reach, specific content attracts qualified followers who are more likely to engage and return. These are the viewers that are more likely to become customers or distributors.

2. Less is the new more. People are busy, when we make it easy for viewers to digest our content, we can start to create a better relationships with them. If you know your audience doesn’t have time to sit through a two (2) hour webinar or a 100 image slideshow, don’t overextend yourself to create them.

3. Awesome content is educational, it is not promotional. Value driven content is perfect for the beginning stages of the process. The relationship and buying stages will come – and when you create content the right way, those two stages will be a piece of cake.

4. Focus on the value in your content first, and worry about the design second. Of course we want our words to look pretty on the page, or our Facebook Live backdrop to be perfect. Don’t sweat the aesthetics – seriously. They will fall into place as time goes on.


It is within this consistent content that you create, that will help you explode your online sales.

Why? Because it’s purposeful, intentional, valuable and honest. And, it stays true to the formula; Content builds community, community builds commerce.

Tap into your Community


Here are 4 additional ways you can help fulfill the above formula with your community;

— Ask your community what THEY want — remember, content should be created for them not for you!

— Write for someone, not just anyone. Put a name to the content you’re crafting and imagine you were writing it to that one person. This will help keep things more personable and genuine.

— Listen to what your audience is telling you.

— Create a tribe of people focused around your primary niche — let them, direct it.

What type of community are you cultivating and attracting with your current content?

Does it align with your business goals?

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explode your online sales