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Facebook as a Business Tool | Attraction Marketing

Many network marketers struggle with finding the right balance when using Facebook as a business tool. One moment they are posting content that lands them GREAT engagement;

  1. family pictures
  2. life experiences
  3. funny memes

… and then comes the sales type posts that lands them crickets or engagement from their sponsors or team members. Sure, this might feel good in some ways but it’s not helping you build a business.

In this post, I’m going to share with you 3 ways to help you improve your use of Facebook for business. Specifically, using a strategy called attraction marketing.

Using Facebook as a Business Tool can be Powerful Stuff

… when done right (of course)! First and foremost — have a good audit of your profile. Make sure you haven’t plastered your company name or ranks all over the place. Remember, this matters more to you than anyone else, and your profile (for business) should be about your audience.

What do they want? Or, what do they need?

Think about this for a moment; how many trainings have you ‘tried’ in the past 6 months to a year? If you answered more than 1-3 and you’re not seeing the results you desire — STOP! Too often, network marketers get caught up in over consuming and minimal execution.

There are some great coaches and sponsors out there absolutely. However, when you don’t stick with one strategy for at least 90 days in my opinion, you are not truly executing its potential. I would bet, that somewhere in the first 30-60 days you are undoing a lot of ‘wrongdoings’, so give the new strategy some time and consistency.

Dabbling isn’t productive. In fact, you are doing yourself more of a disservice in my opinion.

Stop Selling and Start Impacting!

Provide value to your audience and focus less on constantly selling people your product. Using your Facebook to provide something other than a sales pitch will help grow your audience and help you find more customers/clients.

Have an attitude of servitude when you approach social media. Remember, Facebook is a social platform — being social and building relationships should always be the first priority. And by doing so, you are without question entering the world of attraction marketing. When people feel and trust that you can help them in some way — they will reach out.

If they feel that they will just be sold by connecting with you, they won’t be sticking around.

Don’t make Quitting an Option

Seriously, stop telling yourself ‘if this doesn’t work, I’m done’. Make a commitment to yourself and your business that quitting just isn’t an option. Stop negotiations with the ‘what ifs‘ and make a decision to make it work.

Because we know that network marketing works, right? And we know that Facebook is among the most powerful business tool to use for building it. When you put in the work, make your business a business and not just same side thing — success is inevitable.

And, I believe everyone deserves that opportunity.

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