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In the world of Facebook Group marketing I’m asked this question a lot; should I start my own Facebook Group? My simple answer to that? YES!

I love Facebook Groups for business because it allows you an opportunity to connect with new people and often in closed settings, create better relationships.

We also know that Facebook has continued to put HUGE emphasis on communities — so why not you?


Before you decide to create your own I suggest you do a few things first.

First up … check out the video below!

Facebook Group Marketing: Ask Yourself These Questions

Facebook Groups are a GREAT way to meet new people and acquire new leads for your business. However, I strongly encourage you to answer these few questions for yourself first before diving in.

Let’s get started.

First: Who am I going to serve in my Facebook Group? 


This is an important question because, the more specific you can be with WHO your group will serve the better. Go back to your ideal customer avatar — these are the people you want to attract to your group. The more specific you can be with your niche, the better.

Second: Am I passionate about this niche and BELIEVE enough in this purpose that I will continue to serve these people?


I cannot stress how important this is. If you spend the time and effort creating a group, serving the members, etc. will you be there for the long term? Sooo many pop up groups that when people find something else new and shiny, they abandon their communities. I hear this TOO often.

With any sort of Facebook Group marketing, you want to be committed to the long game. Your community members will count on you because, you’ve positioned yourself as an expert — someone to help and support them … can’t just leave ’em because you weren’t ‘totally’ into it.

Facebook Group Marketing

Third: Am I knowledgeable in this area?


Now, this doesn’t mean you need to be an expert on all things included in your niche BUT, it does mean that you are truly there to help others. And by helping, I mean providing them with the value and support your Facebook Group ‘promises’.

This might also mean that you spend some time on researching the topic, sharing expert articles or other pieces of valuable content, and showing up for your community. Going back to the second question — this is why it is SO important that you are passionate about the topic you choose.

For my bonus tip … be sure to check out the video and in the comments below let me know if you have a Facebook Group and what it is about. And, if you don’t have one yet — you ready to get started? I have a complete Blueprint on HOW to make this happen so, if you need access to that — please let me know!

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